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Special ICMT Seminar: "High-dimensional spin liquids, interacting Majorana systems, and new geometrical relations"

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Department of Physics
NEW LOCATION: 280 MRL, 104 S. Goodwin
Mar 14, 2014   2:30 pm  
Dr. Zohar Nussinov, Washington University in St. Louis
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Physics - Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

We examine the Hubbard model on pyrochlore-type lattices and illustrate how spin liquid features arise at a proximate exactly solvable point and its surroundings. We further introduce a framework for dualities and with its aid demonstrate that interacting Majorana nanowire systems as well as direction dependent Hubbard type and other general planar systems may display various critical and spin glass type phenomena. Lastly, with the aid of dualities we introduce the notion of "partial solvability" and derive a new set of geometric identities which is valid in any dimensions.

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