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ICMT Seminar: "Physical aging in disordered systems"

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Department of Physics
NEW LOCATION: 280 MRL, 104 S. Goodwin
Mar 31, 2014   12:00 pm  
Dr. Michel Pleimling, Virginia Tech
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Physics - Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

Physical aging is generically encountered in systems far from equilibrium that evolve with slow dynamics. Well known examples can be found in structural glasses, spin glasses, magnetic systems, and colloids. Recent years have seen major breakthroughs in our understanding of aging processes in non-disordered systems. Progress in understanding aging in disordered systems has been much slower though. In the first part of my talk I review the phenomenology of aging and briefly discuss the theory of local scale invariance that allows for a model-independent determination of scaling functions for responses and correlations. In the second part of the talk I discuss non-equilibrium relaxation in two different types of disordered systems: coarsening ferromagnets with disorder, characterized by a crossover from an initial power-law like growth of domains to a slower logarithmic growth regime, and interacting vortex lines in disordered type-II superconductors, where the interplay of vortex-vortex interaction and defect pinning results in a very rich non-equilibrium behavior.

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