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INHS Seminar - Dr. Jalene LaMontagne - Synchrony in mast seeding across spatial scales, and tales of tree cavities

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Illinois Natural History Survey
1005 Forbes Natural History Building - 1816 S. Oak St, Champaign
Mar 31, 2015   3:00 pm  
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Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) Seminars

Mast seeding is defined as the synchronous but intermittent production of large seed crops by plant populations. Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the evolutionary cause of synchronous seeding by individuals within populations, including seed predator satiation and increased pollination efficiency, with weather cues likely driving synchrony.

While many studies examine large (continentwide) synchrony that appear to be linked to the Moran effect, mast-seeding patterns can also vary over small areas (<5 km).This project examines synchrony in mast seeding patterns at different scales, and the variability among individual white spruce trees in their cone production patterns.

This seminar will conclude with some information on another project in the LaMontagne Lab that examines tree cavity availability and red-headed woodpecker habitat selection.

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