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Astronomy Colloquium - "Our Warped Universe: Strong Gravitational Lensing in the Dark Energy Survey and Timescapes from the Andes"

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Department of Astronomy
Astronomy 134
Apr 28, 2015   3:45 pm  
Dr. Brian Nord  Fermilab
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Several clues regarding the acceleration of space-time, dark matter and galaxy evolution in the early universe can be uncovered by studying strong gravitational lenses. The Dark Energy Survey (DES), which started observations in August 2013, is carrying out a wide-field survey of 5,000 square degrees of the Southern Galactic Cap. Much of this sky area has not yet been systematically surveyed, and we expect to discover many new strongly lensed galaxies and quasars. DES has identified 24 strong lens candidate objects (galaxy- and galaxy clusters-scale) in early data, and we have performed spectroscopic follow-up on a subset of these candidates at Gemini South and other telescopes. I will present results from the photometric and spectroscopic analysis of the lensing systems. In addition, we’ll watch the night sky from Cerro Tololo in the Andes (the site of DES operations) through snapshots and timescapes - from mountain life to the Milky Way.
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