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Re-scheduled ICMT Seminar: "Unparticles and Cuprate Superconductivity"

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Dept. of Physics
190 ESB
Apr 4, 2013   11:00 am  
Prof. Philip Phillips (Illinois)
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Physics - Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

I will begin this talk by using the standard procedure in condensed matter to count particles.  For strongly correlated models relevant to high-temperature superconductors, I will show that this procedure cannot account for all the charged degrees of freedom. The charged stuff which is left out cannot be given an interpretation in terms of particles.  I will argue that the unparticle construction of Howard Georgi's makes up the difference.  Underneath the unparticle construction is a gauge theory in anti-de Sitter space. I will close by elucidating  a possible superconducting instability of unparticles and demonstrate that unparticle stuff is likely to display fractional statistics in the dimensionalities of interest for strongly correlated electron matter.

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