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ICMT Seminar: "Nonlocal properties of Majorana bound states in topological superconductivity"

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Dept. of Physics
190 ESB
Oct 21, 2013   12:00 pm  
Dr. Xiao Hu, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan
Originating Calendar
Physics - Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

Majorana bound states (MBSs) as zero-energy excitations in topological superconductor (TS) are attracting considerable interest. As two separated pieces of a Dirac fermion, MBSs obeying non-Abelian statistics can be used to build qubits robust to local noises. We have investigated finite TS samples with one superconducting vortex pinned at the centers. We have revealed that MBSs at the sample edges can be prepared, transported and braided efficiently by adiabatic switching of gate voltage at point-like constriction junctions between samples. In contrast with other proposals for manipulation of MFBs, no delicate request on gate voltage is necessary in the present scheme since it is used to turn off electron hopping among samples. The dynamics of edge MBSs is monitored by solving the time-dependent Bogoliubov-de Gennes equation, and the non-Abelian braiding of MBSs is confirmed. A topological single-electron pumping is proposed based on transportation of MBSs. If time is permitted I will also discuss briefly MFBs in one-dimensional TSs.

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