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Improving Your Test Questions: Exam Item Analysis

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Center for Teaching Excellence
428 Armory Bldg
Oct 24, 2012   11:00 am - 12:00 pm  
Chris Migotsky
Free, but registration required
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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (new)

Have you ever wondered which of your multiple choice test items are good? Which ones are poor (you need to rewrite)? The Measurement & Evaluation unit within the Center for Teaching Excellence scans multiple choice exams and provides a detailed exam summary and item analysis. This workshop will explain the exam and item analysis and show how to improve your test items based on this information. The data is also great for defending your test items when challenged by students.

Feel free to bring a recent test and the accompanying item analysis with you to the session. We'll have several examples, but the presenter can go over your specific items & analysis too.

NOTE: This is not a session on test construction or grading. We have separate workshops that deal with both of those issues. This session targets the MERMAC exam & item analysis that our office provides.

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