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'Dear Chicago Q&A' (Editor of the Chicago Manual of Style Online Q&A speaks about years of helping writers and editors communicate.)

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Public Affairs and the Department of Journalism
LOCATION MOVED: Alma Mater Room, iHotel & Conference Center 
Feb 28, 2013   3:00 - 3:50 pm  
Carol Fisher Saller
No charge
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Each year writers and editors submit more than three thousand grammar and style questions to the Q&A page at The Chicago Manual of Style Online. Some are arcane, some simply hilarious—and one editor, Carol Fisher Saller, reads every single one of them. Yet, she humbly admits: "I mess up all the time. It’s how I know things." Come hear her wit and wisdom about how to communicate clearly for the sake of the reader as she offers an entertaining and enlightening riff on the author/editor dynamic, grammar, style and human nature.

Ms. Saller, a University of Illinois alumna, is senior manuscript editor at the University of Chicago Press as well as the author of The Subversive Copy Editor and its related blog, and is the longtime editor of the Chicago Manual of Style Online’s Q&A. She has also worked as an editor of children’s fiction and nonfiction and has written several books for children, most recently Eddie's War, a middle-grade novel about an Illinois farmboy during World War II.

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