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A Celebration of South African Freedom Day

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Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, College of Fine + Applied Arts
Krannert Center, Tryon Festival Theatre
Apr 23, 2014   6:00 pm  
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Krannert Center

Throughout the anti-apartheid struggle, the mass movements always began their programs and peppered their marches with music, call-and-response slogans, poetry, and dance. This event, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of South Africa's transition from apartheid to democracy, will do the same. The program will focus on the role played by culture in the liberation struggle.  

South African Mbhekiseni Madela, a doctoral candidate in the College of Education, will share his experiences of the anti-apartheid movement and the ways in which the youth built a culture of political struggle. Local artist and educator Amira Davis will perform African music pieces that have inspired her over the years and discuss why she uses various forms of African cultural expression as part of her contribution to movements for social justice. This will be an event to be remembered, one that will both inspire and get you up out of your chairs.

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