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Nunavut: Canada's Frozen Territory

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Prairie Research Institute Anniversary Lecture Series Fund
Beckman Auditorium of the Beckman Institute405 N. Mathews Avenue, Urbana
Apr 30, 2014   4:00 pm  
Bill Shilts, Founding Executive Director
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Nunavut, created in 1999, is one of the most remote, sparsely populated regions in the world with only 32,000 residents in an area larger than Mexico. Nearly all of Nunavut is in the zone of continuous permafrost, and glaciers and ice caps abound in its northernmost plateaux and highlands. In his 30-year career with the Geological Survey of Canada, Dr. Shilts carried out major research projects that provided a unique understanding of the permafrost, periglacial features, and glaciers of this arctic region. The modern world he experienced in Canada’s arctic is virtually identical to the world we would inhabit in Champaign County, if we had lived here 19,000 years ago.

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