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Biochemistry Seminar: Dr. Quinn Peterson, 2012 Biochemistry Trust of Urbana Awardee "Chemical Approaches to treating disease: from cancer to diabetes"

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Dr. Paul Hergenrother
Charles G. Miller Auditorium, Room B102 Chemical & Life Sciences Laboratory
Sep 20, 2013   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Dr. Quinn Peterson
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Biochemistry Department Seminars

ABSTRACT:  Small molecule modulation of biological pathways is an important means of understanding and treating disease. In cancer, small molecules that target the apoptotic pathway have been shown to be effective anti-cancer compounds, whereas in diabetes, small molecules have been useful in directing the differentiation of embryonic stem cells towards cell populations that can be transplanted as a cell replacement therapy.  Work on the development and preclinical evaluation of compounds identified in the Hergenrother and Melton laboratories targeting these diseases will be described.

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