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Excel 2013: What's New?

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FAST3/Webstore Training Services
UIUC -- location to be announced
Aug 28, 2013   9:00 - 10:00 am  
$29 faculty/staff/students
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(217) 333-6285
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WebStore/FAST3 Training

In this 1-hour overview, we will explore the new look and feel of Excel 2013.  We''ll take a look at templates first thing-- they do most of the set-up and design work for you, so you can focus on your data. There are templates for budgets, calendars, forms, reports, and more. Next we''ll explore some new tools, including the new Power View sheet.  Power View is essentially an interactive canvas that allows you to display charts, tables, maps, and slicers in one dashboard window. We''ll also see how much easier it is to work with charts by trying out the  Quick Analysis tool which lets you convert your data into a chart or table in two steps or less and the Chart Recommendations which suggests the most suitable chart for your data. We will see how to use a standalone PivotChart (interactive chart) that does not need to be associated with a PivotTable.

We will explore some of the new functions in the math and trigonometry, statistical, engineering, date and time, lookup and reference, logical, and text function categories, as well as a few Web service functions for referencing existing Representational State Transfer (REST)-compliant Web services.

We will look at what''s new when working with data, including creating relationships between related data and drilling up or down through complex layers of data. Slicers in 2013 will also be explored to display graphical representation of filter values.

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