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Photoshop CS6: Level 2

Event Type
FAST3/Webstore Training Services
UIUC -- location to be announced
Dec 13, 2013   8:30 am - 4:00 pm   lunch on your own
Peter Kimble
$112 faculty/staff/students
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WebStore/FAST3 Training

The Level 2 (Intermediate) Photoshop workshop builds on techniques learned in Level 1.  You'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do by combining layers, masks, and channels, easily creating incredibly sophisticated and professional-looking results.  The workshop includes learning more refined techniques for making selections (isolating part of an image), including working in quick-mask mode, using the quick select and magnetic lasso tools, doing free transforms and more.  You'll also learn how to combine multiple images and text into a single composited image.  From among the many other capabilities of Photoshop, we'll also include techniques for working with filters, layer effects (such as drop shadows and embossing), creating layer masks and clipping groups, tinting grayscale images using blending modes, and much more.  While all this may sound complicated, it's actually quite easy to start using these techniques and more, giving your images a much more professional and polished look, whether they are destined for print or for the web.

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