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  1. Week of May 1, 2015

    1. Friday, May 1, 2015

      1. 12:00 pm

        Dr. Lynette Cegelski

        Biochemistry Seminar: Dr. Lynette Cegelski (Stanford University) "TBA"

        Charles G. Miller Auditorium (B102 CLSL)

      2. 12:00 pm

        Professor Sungyon Lee, Texas A&M University

        Fluid Mechanics Seminar: Drops & Bubbles

        2005 Mechanical Engineering Lab (Deere Pavilion)

      3. 12:00 pm

        Neil Vasdev, Ph.D., Director of Radiochemistry MGH, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School – Cutting-edge radiochemical methods and technologies for human PET imaging

        This presentation will focus on some non-traditional approaches to prepare PET radiopharmaceuticals for new targets, and aims to show the intricacies of developing PET radiopharmaceuticals from "bench to bedside." Specifically, cutting-edge approaches and technologies for imaging the dopaminergic pathway with PET, as well as our recent work to expand beyond the “amyloid cascade hypothesis” of Alzheimer’s disease, including tauopathies, will be presented. Several of the neuroimaging agents have also been applied as oncology probes. Translating labeled compounds to PET radiopharmaceuticals and our aspiration to work towards the ultimate, albeit impossible, goal in the field: to radiolabel virtually any compound for PET will be raised as points for discussion.

        UIUC-MGH Molecular Imaging Seminar Series

        1005 Beckman Institute

      4. 2:00 pm

        Jie Xiao, Johns Hopkins University

        Jie Xiao (Hopkins): TBD

        144 Loomis

      5. 3:00 pm

        Geography Graduate Association Invited Speaker: Michael Watts, University of California-Berkeley

        Geography & Geographic Information Science Colloquium Series

        2269 Beckman Institute

      6. 3:00 pm

        Michael Watts

        SDEP Seminar

        2269 Tower Room, Beckman Institute

  2. Week of May 3, 2015

    1. Monday, May 4, 2015

      1. 12:00 pmBIOE Grad Seminar Series : Yang Zhang and Olivia Cangellaris

        1265 DCL

    2. Tuesday, May 5, 2015

      1. 12:00 pm

        Dr. Mohsen Zayernouri, Postdoctoral Research Associate

        Division of Applied Mathematics

        Brown University

        Fractional PDE Approach in Multi-Fidelity Modeling & Simulation: Theory, Numerics, and Beyond

        143 Mechanical Engineering Bldg.

      2. 12:00 pm

        Sean F. Brady, PhD

        IGB Seminar (MMG)

        612 Institute for Genomic Biology

      3. 3:00 pm

        Professor Heidi Nepf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

        Vegetation Hydrodynamics at Two Scales

        190 Engineering Sciences Bldg.

      4. 4:00 pmBRL Seminar and Journal Club

        Tower Room 4269 Beckman Institute

      5. 4:00 pmNeuroscience Seminar

        5602 Beckman Institute

    3. Wednesday, May 6, 2015

      1. 12:00 pm

        Peiyun Zhou (Cognitive Science/Human Perception & Performance), Boon Chong Goh (Theoretical & Computational Biophysics), Elizabeth Jones (Autonomous Materials Systems)

        Beckman Institute Graduate Student Seminar

        1005 Beckman Institute

      2. 4:00 pm

        Dr. J.C. Seamus Davis, Cornell University, University of St. Andrews, and Brookhaven National Laboratory

        Physics Colloquium: "Atomic-scale Dirac-Mass Configurations in Ferromagnetic Topological Insulators"

        141 Loomis

      3. 4:00 pm

        Lisa Powers, Exit Seminar


        B102 CLSL

    4. Thursday, May 7, 2015

      1. 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

        Bonnie Bassler
        Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology
        Chair, department of molecular biology
        Princeton University
        "Bacterial Quorum Sensing and Its Control"

        IGB Fellows Symposium

        612 IGB Conference Center, 1206 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana

      2.  SAMUEL W. PARR LECTURE IN CHEMICAL AND BIOMOLECULAR ENGINEERING, Professor Joan Brennecke, University of Notre Dame
      3.  SAVE THE DATE - Senior Design Day
      4. 12:00 pm  

        CHEM 575 Lit Seminar

        Mr. Abraham Wang

        Mr. Abraham Wang, UIUC, "Title TBA"

        163 Noyes Lab

    5. Friday, May 8, 2015

      1. 12:00 pm

        Professor Heinrich Jaeger, University of Chicago

        Fluid Mechanics Seminar: Dynamic Jamming: Turning Liquids into Solids

        2005 Mechanical Engineering Lab (Deere Pavilion)

      2. 12:00 pm

        Quanzheng Li, PhD, Assistant Professor – Task Based Maximization of Information in Medical Imaging

        In this talk I will briefly introduce how to use signal and image processing tools to maximize the information derived from medical imaging systems for different diagnosis and prognosis tasks, and demonstrate some applications in image reconstruction (e.g. dynamic PET, time-of-flight PET and spectrum CT) , image analysis (e.g. partialvolume effect correction and treatment response evaluation) and brain network analysis.

        UIUC-MGH Molecular Imaging Seminar Series

        1005 Beckman Institute

      3. 3:00 pmBeckman Imaging Weekly Journal Club

        Beckman Institute - Room 4269 Tower Room

  3. Week of May 10, 2015

    1. Monday, May 11, 2015

      1. 8:00 am - 1:00 pmBlood Drive

        612 Institute for Genomic Biology

    2. Tuesday, May 12, 2015

      1. 4:00 pmBRL Seminar and Journal Club

        Tower Room 4269 Beckman Institute

      2. 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

        Dr. Randy Schekman

        CBI/Biochemistry Seminar: Dr. Randy Schekman (University of California at Berkeley) "TBD"

        Illini Union Illini Rooms B & C

      3. 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

        Prof. Randy Schekman

        Prof. Randy Schekman, University of California at Berkeley, title "Genes and proteins required for secretion of large particles and miRNA"

        Illini Union Illini Rooms B & C

    3. Wednesday, May 13, 2015

      1. 4:00 pmDigital Signal Processing Seminar

        4369 Side Conference Room, Beckman Institute

  4. Week of May 17, 2015

    1. Sunday, May 17, 2015

      1.  SAVE THE DATE - Graduate Brunch
      2. 1:30 pm

        Conovcation speaker: Thomas J. Tulig, Shell Oil Company


        Colwell Playhouse, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

        500 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana

    2. Tuesday, May 19, 2015

      1. 4:00 pmBRL Seminar and Journal Club

        Tower Room 4269 Beckman Institute

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