Cultural & International


Monday, May 1, 2017

    • All Day
    • KAM Main Level, West Gallery

    The American Abstract Artists (AAA) emerged as a diverse group who engaged in various applications of abstraction: dynamic, clear geometry; abstraction influenced by surrealism and expressionism, often with biomorphic elements; and abstraction informed by the natural landscape. This exhibition features AAA works primarily from the Krannert Art Museum collection.

    • All Day
    • KAM Main Level, Rosann Gelvin Noel Annex and Light Court Gallery

    Autumn Knight makes performances that reshape perceptions of race, gender, and authority in institutional spaces. Drawing from such disparate fields as dance, psychology, religious studies, and theatre, Knight pays attention to the ways knowledge is produced collectively among her audience members and physically in the body through language, movement, and emotion.

    • All Day
    • KAM Main Level, Contemporary Gallery

    The year 2017 marks the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of the founding of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "Land Grant" draws from libraries, archives, and collections across campus to propose an expanded field for considering the university, while assessing the current status go punily higher education in the United States.

    • All Day
    • KAM Main Level, Kinkead Gallery

    "Light and Movement in Sculpture" presents the small but strong collection of light art and kinetic sculpture in the Krannert Art Museum collection. It includes works purchased as part of the University of Illinois Festival of Contemporary Arts (1948-1974).