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Architecture, School of

117 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
611 E. Lorado Taft
M/C 620
Champaign, IL 61820-6921(map)

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  • 117 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, 611 E Lorado Taft Dr, C, MC-621
  • FAX: 217-244-2900
  • URL:
  • Director: Peter Mortensen, 117A Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 333-1331
  • Administrative Aide: Spring Harrison, 117 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 333-1331
  • 104 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 333-7720
  • Administrator: Lee Waldrep, 117C Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 333-7720; FAX: 333-5240
  • Secy: Rhonda Frank, 104 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 333-7720
  • Undergrad advg: Lee Waldrep, 117C Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 333-7720
  • Carl Lewis, 328 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, 333-7721
  • 104 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 244-4384
  • Grad assoc dir: Kevin Hinders, 106 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 244-7782
  • Admin & Records Officer: Molly Helgesen, 104 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 244-4384
  • Dir, dev: Gail Rost, 117B Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, MC-621, 244-3594
  • Ricker Library: Melanie Emerson, 208 Architecture, MC-624, 333-0224
  • Slide librn: Jane Goldberg, 210b Architecture, MC-624, 333-3292
  • Health + Well-Being: Joy Malnar
  • Detail + Fabrication: Kevin Erickson
  • Performance: Mohamed Boubekri
  • Urbanism: John Stallmeyer
  • 1 E St Mary’s Rd, C, MC-664, 333-1801; FAX: 244-2204
  • Chair: Kate Brown, 102 E Main #209, Urbana, MC-280, 333-1801

show listFaculty

Albrecht, JohannEmeriti Faculty
Ali, Mir MProfessor Emeritus, Architecture
Chair of Structures Division (1993-2003; 2007-2010)
Aminmansour, AbbasAssociate Professor
Anderson, James RAssociate Dean
Professor, Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Andrejasich, Michael JAssociate Professor Emeritus, Architecture
Anthony, Kathryn HACSA Distinguished Professor, School of Architecture
Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Bartumeus Ferre, SaraAssociate Professor
Betts, Richard JEmeriti Faculty
Bognar, BotondProfessor and Edgar A. Tafel Chair in Architecture
Chair, International Programs and Relations
Boubekri, MohamedAssociate Professor
Chasco, DavidProfessor
Deal, Brian MAssociate Professor
Dearborn, Lynne MarieAssociate Professor, Associate Director, School of Architecture
Associate Professor, Urban Planning
Deutsch, RandallClinical Associate Professor
Erickson, Kevin NAssociate Professor
Erwin, William HEmeriti Faculty
Gamble, William LEmeriti Faculty
Garner, John SEmeriti Faculty
Geil, Wilma JeanEmeriti Faculty
Ginsburg, RebeccaAssociate Professor
Haken, WolfgangEmeriti Faculty
Hall, Gaines BAssociate Dean, College of Fine and Applied Arts
Professor, School of Architecture
Hammann, Ralph EugenAssociate Professor
Hemingway, ErikAssociate Professor
Hinders, Kevin JAssociate Professor
Irish, Sharon LeeProject Coordinator
Kapp, Paul HardinAssociate Professor
Kim, Michael Kyong-ilProfessor
Kruty, Paul SEmeriti Faculty
Kuznetsov, HelenEmeriti Faculty
Lapunzina, AlejandroProfessor
Lerum, VidarAssociate Professor
Chair, International Programs Committee
Mooney, Robert TEmeriti Faculty
Murray, Scott CharlesAssociate Professor, Architecture
Chair of Performance Program
Palumbo, Paul AEmeriti Faculty
Plummer, Henry SEmeriti Faculty
Poss, Jeffery SProfessor
Ruggles, D FairchildProfessor, Department of Landscape Architecture
Professor, School of Architecture
Schmitt, Ronald EEmeriti Faculty
Selby, Robert IEmeriti Faculty
Senseney, John RobertAssociate Professor, Art History
Stallmeyer, John CharlesAssociate Professor
Strand, Richard KarlAssociate Professor
Taylor, MarkAssociate Professor
Tierney, Therese FrancesAssociate Professor
Uihlein, Marci SmithAssistant Professor
Waldrep, Lee WAdministrator for Undergraduate Student Services
Warfield, James PEmeriti Faculty
Wenzel, Joseph WEmeriti Faculty
Wickersheimer, DavidEmeriti Faculty