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Department of Chemistry

109 Noyes Lab
600 S. Mathews
M/C 712
Urbana, IL 61801-3602(map)

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Chemistry, Dept of: 333-5071
109 Noyes Laboratory, Box D-1, 505 S Mathews, Urbana, MC-712
FAX: 244-7091
Head: Martin Gruebele, 109 Noyes Lab, 333-5071, 


  • Analytical: 68 RAL, MC-712, 300-4441
  • Chemical Biology: 61 RAL, MC-712, 333-2255
  • Inorganic: A131 CLSL, MC-712, 333-2556
  • Materials: A131 CLSL, MC-712, 333-2556
  • Organic: 61 RAL, MC-712, 333-2255
  • Physical: A131 CLSL, MC-712, 333-2556

General Chemistry (CHEM 101-108, 202-205): 1026 Chemistry Annex (CA), MC-712, 333-3015

Undergrad Acad Advg Ofc: For A-G, Wolali Dedo, 110B Noyes Lab, MC-712, 244-8531; for H-N, Arif Fazel, 110C Noyes Lab, MC-712, 333-0043; for O-Z, Todd Spinner, 110A Noyes Lab, MC-712, 244-6605
Career Counseling and Placement Srvs: Patricia Simpson, 105 Noyes Lab, MC-712, 333-1050

LIBRARY: Librn: Mary Schlembach, 170 Noyes Lab, MC 712, 333-3737


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Andino Martinez, Jose GuillermoLecturer
Axelson, Jordan ColeLecturer
Burke, MartinProfessor
Chan, Jefferson Kar FaiAssistant Professor
Denmark, Scott EProfessor
Gewirth, Andrew AProfessor
Girolami, Gregory SProfessor
Gruebele, Martin H WProfessor
Hammes-Schiffer, SharonProfessor
Hergenrother, PaulProfessor
Hirata, SoProfessor
Huang, Tina Hai-TiLecturer
Hull, Kami LeeAssistant Professor
Jain, PrashantAssistant Professor
Kell, David ALecturer
Koerner, MichaelLecturer
Leckband, Deborah EPROF, Chemistry
Lu, YiProfessor
Luthey-Schulten, Zaida AnnProfessor
Makri, NancyProfessor
Marville, KellyLecturer
McCall, BenjaminProfessor
Mitchell, Douglas AlanAssociate Professor
Moore, Jeffrey SMurchison-Mallory Professor of Chemistry
HHMI Professor
Murphy, Catherine JonesProfessor
Nicely, Amy LynnVisiting Lecturer
Nuzzo, Ralph GProfessor
Oldfield, EricProfessor
Rienstra, ChadProfessor
Rodriguez Lopez, JoaquinAssistant Professor
Sarlah, DavidAssistant Professor
Shen, MeiResearch Faculty, School of Chemical Sciences
Silverman, Scott KProfessor
Soudakov, Alexander VasilyevichResearch Assistant Professor
Sweedler, Jonathan VProfessor
Vura-Weis, JoshuaAssistant Professor
Weitzel, Alison ReneeAssistant Professor
White, M ChristinaProfessor
Woon, David EResearch Associate Professor
Zimmerman, Steven CProfessor
van der Donk, Wilfred AdrianusProfessor, Institute for Genomic Biology
van der Veen, RenskeAssistant Professor