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Issue 3

January, 2011


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Director's Message

Susan GershenfeldThe Illinois Promise scholarship is about giving high-achieving, low-income students access to a world class education and a chance to succeed. Each I-Promise student whom I have had the pleasure of meeting has a story of overcoming obstacles and each student is an inspiration. The University, as well as individual and corporate donors, invests in I-Promise students because they believe in the immediate impact and long-term promise of higher education. This fall, we welcomed 197 incoming I-Promise students on campus, 26 of whom transferred from other colleges. In all, there are 604 I-Promise students pursuing higher education and desiring to make a difference with their lives.  This eNewsletter features accomplishments of some I-Promise students and alums, while also offering highlights of a few of the many people who are providing support along the way. Through mentoring, enrichment and volunteer opportunities, and social gatherings, we're working to build community, foster success, and launch the next generation of leaders.  In this New Year, please commit to becoming more involved with I-Promise.  In this spirit, I would like to thank Emily Malamud for her leadership in contributing to this issue of the newsletter.  There are many ways that you can contribute, and I look forward to beginning the conversation with you.


            Susan Gershenfeld

Director Illinois Promise Student Services


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 "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Landing an Internship

What I-Promise student does not want or need to gain relevant work experience during the summer and winter breaks while in college? Internships are a perfect opportunity to explore or discover your passion and build your resume, but how do you make this happen?  Consider the following case example.


I-Promise junior in Accounting, Chelsa Moore, had a remarkable, paid summer internship with Travelers Insurance in Chicago.  This was her first corporate internship, and she worked in the technology department, which supports underwriting. 


Chelsa MooreChelsa obtained this internship with the assistance of her Career Manager through her Posse scholarship. There are approximately 20 Posse Scholars on campus and each one has a Career Manager who helps with preparing and critiquing resumes, organizing job fairs, creating other networking opportunities, and facilitating connections with companies for internships and job placements.


Because most students do not have a Career Manager, Chelsa recommends that I-Promise students network with peers, faculty members, and administrators within their respective colleges to learn about summer internships.  She also recommends taking advantage of the multitude of resources at The Career Center - - and attending Career Fairs on campus. She comments, "The Career Fairs are a great opportunity to place your resume in the hands of people who can make a difference."  Chelsa also emphasizes, "It's never too early to start looking for a summer internship."


For the contacts Chelsa makes, she always follows-up with a thank you email that includes some key take-aways from the conversation.  She then keeps in contact with people in her network a couple of times during the semester through email updates and by sharing information that she comes across that's pertinent to the person, such as a paper she's written or an article that she discovers during the course of her studies.


The interview process for the Travelers Insurance internship involved two stages: a phone interview and a subsequent face-to-face group interview with staff from three different departments.


Travelers Insurance afforded Chelsa the opportunity to experience working in a corporate environment and to gain exposure to underwriting. She liked the corporate culture at Travelers and described it as diverse, welcoming, and embodying a strong work ethic. Chelsa also took advantage of working at Travelers for three weeks during winter break and was offered an internship for next summer. Her reply to this offer was,"Yes, but it is contingent on whether I have the opportunity to intern for an accounting firm." Chelsa would like to launch her career in accounting but could see herself working in underwriting as she likes to interact with clients and assess risk.  The internship with Travelers presented her the opportunity to consider this career path.

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Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research Opportunities

As a world-leading Research I university, the University of Illinois offers a range of opportunities for engaging undergraduate students in research. For instance, I-Promise senior Mauriell Amechi has benefited from several research opportunities, including the McNair Scholars Program and Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP).


In the summer of 2009, Mauriell conducted graduate-level research as a McNair Scholar under the guidance of Professor Christopher Span in the Department of Educational Policy Studies. Mauriell's research examined the role of standardized tests in American education, with a focus on how the tests limit educational opportunities for racial minority students. In addition, Mauriell participated in bi-weekly seminars, received preparation for the GRE (GMauriellAmechiraduate Record Examination), and explored various graduate programs at Ohio State, Emory, and other educational institutions. As he explained in a recent interview: "McNair gave me the opportunity to realize the sky is the limit. Before McNair, I wasn't fully aware of all the educational and professional opportunities that exist with a graduate-level education."


This past summer, Mauriell participated in a research internship at Ohio State, where he explored the mentorship of African American male students at various junctures of the education pipeline. This opportunity was offered through SROP, which is a gateway to graduate education at CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) universities. Similar to the McNair Program, the mission of SROP is to increase the number of underrepresented students who pursue graduate study and research careers. Over the course of nine weeks, this program provided housing, meals, a monthly stipend, as well as a classroom experience that covered relevant topics about research and graduate school. Additionally, Mauriell received four hours of graduate-level credits. Reflecting on his experience, Mauriell explained, "SROP gave me an opportunity to confirm that educational research was my true calling."


The above opportunities provided Mauriell with the necessary research tools to work on his honors capstone project. Guided by Professor Travis Dixon in the Department of Communication, Mauriell is currently investigating the possible effects of people's exposure to online news media in terms of the portrayal of African American males. He hopes to publish this study in graduate school.


Over the past two years, Mauriell has presented research at seven national conferences.  He explained, "Conducting research has had an enormous impact on my personal development. Prior to my involvement in the McNair Program, I did not understand how new knowledge was produced. Now, as an aspiring educational researcher, professor, and motivational speaker, I hope to create knowledge that will impact our society for many generations to come."


Mauriell plans to do just that. He is currently seeking admission to seven doctoral programs in educational policy. Ultimately, research has not only become a career path for students in I-Promise but also an outlet to help others in the fulfillment of their goals and aspirations.


Pictured above:  Mauriell Amechi earned 1st Place for Best Oral Presenation at the National Southeastern Association of Educational Opportunities Program Personnel (SAEOPP) McNair Conference (Atlanta, GA 2009)


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I-Promise Receives Research Funding

Thanks to a grant from the UIUC Campus Research Board, the I-Promise Scholarship Program will have an excellent research opportunity during the next year. Promising Practices: An Investigation of I-Promise Student Educational Outcomes is a research study that will begin in the spring 2011 semester and continue through spring 2012.  This unique project is designed to investigate educational outcomes of I-Promise students at UIUC.


We need your help!


Because of the considerable university and donor investment in the I-Promise program, it is crucial that we gather meaningful and accurate data on its impact on students.  Therefore, I-Promise students are being asked to participate in this important project.  During these semesters, you will receive emails requesting that you complete online surveys and possibly participate in an interview about your college experiences. 


We know you have a lot of things to do so we'll try to keep things brief.  The Principal Investigators for this grant project are Denice Ward Hood (Assistant Professor, Education Policy Organization & Leadership) and Susan Gershenfeld. Please feel free to contact Denice or Susan  if you have any questions.  We look forward to working with you!


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Students Speak to Textbook Savings

Several I-Promise students were invited to speak at a press conference on September 1st with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and Illinois Senator Mike Frerichs concerning the College Textbook Affordability Act, a new law impacting savings on textbooks.


The law, which is part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, requires professors to disclose their required textbooks before the start of each semester.  When students have the ISBNs associated with their textbooks, they have the opportunity to shop around for the best priced books. The act also requires that textbooks and supplemental materials traditionally sold as a bundle also be sold individually.


During the conference, the students discussed techniques for saving money on books.  For example is a text book rental website and the Illini Book Exchange is a website created and maintained by University of Illinois students to purchase and sell used textbooks. In addition, all I-Promise students can purchase books and defer payments until midterms through the Illini Union Bookstore.


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Improve Your Networking and Business Etiquette Skills

Are you comfortable and confident when meeting and greeting others in business and professional settings? Do you know how to work a room? In today's fiercely competitive business arena, etiquette is simply another tool you need.  While etiquette alone won't get you anywhere, it may give you that extra edge that will make the difference between you and another person who is just as smart. 


I-Promise students are invited to participate in this highly-interactive business etiquette session on Wednesday, Feb. 9th from 6-7:30pm (see Calendar of Events). Presenter/facilitator Beth Reutter will cover:  the definition of business etiquette, benefits of business etiquette, how to meet and greet, introductions, handshaking, how to work a room, business card etiquette, social media etiquette, and the importance of professional presence.  There is no charge for attending this session; just make sure to RSVP before Monday, Feb. 7th by calling Susan Gershenfeld at 217.244.7719 or email


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Join Us for Dining Skills for Today March 2nd

Join other I-Promise students on Tuesday, March 2nd from 6-8pm in the Colonial Room at the Illini Union for a four-course dinner and an opportunity to polish your dining skills!  


Soon enough you'll be entering the working world. A lot of business is conducted at parties and dinners, meetings that on the surface seem purely social. Knowing how to take advantage of the potential in these situations adds to your 9-to-5 abilities, especially since many people are not at ease in such environments. Dining Skills for Today will give you a useful set of tools for those special situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings.


Presenter/Facilitator Beth Reutter will cover: Business Entertaining, Host/Hostess and Guest Duties, Place Settings, Silverware Savvy, The Silent Service Code, Body Language at the Table, Handling Accidents, Difficult to Eat Foods, Forms of Service, American and Continental Styles of Eating, Toasting as well as other dining tips.


This event is partially subsidized to help defray the cost per I-Promise student. RSVP before February 9th and receive the early-bird discount -- $10 per person. After this date, the charge is $15 per person and reservations will be accepted until February 23rd.  For further information and to reserve your seat, call Susan Gershenfeld at 217.244.7719 or email


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New Alumni Mentoring Program Launched

Following the success of the peer/adult mentor program for freshmen launched last year, a new pilot alumni mentoring program has been established for upperclassmen.  In the spring of 2010, students had an opportunity to request an alumni mentor from the Chicago area.  Students were then matched based on career or industry interests.  This year, 22 matches with volunteer alumni mentors were made in areas including education, engineering, medicine, law, and business.


One important requirement of the mentoring program is some form of contact once a month.  However, many mentoring partners have found themselves speaking and getting together on a more regular basis.  One such example is mentor Marjorie Mizes, Vice President and Publisher at Accuity, and sophomore in Broadcast Journalism, Bianca Flowers.  The two started getting to know each other over the summer, and their relationship has flourished since then.


Bianca says, "We have a great partnership that will only continue to build.  [Marjorie] has taught me a lot of things as far as professional development, networking, and connecting on a personal level.It has also been a learning experience for Marjorie.  She says, "There was no template, MarjorieMizesformat, or agenda, but I tried to address all those areas where she wanted to grow.Both agree that their relationship has developed into a long-lasting friendship.


Bianca and Marjorie feel so strongly about the value of having strong mentor/mentee relationships that they are planning to write a guidebook about mentoring.  Bianca says, "The book is going to be based off our own experiences.  How we perceive each other.  What we've learned from each other."


However, they still have some advice to offer before the official publication.  Marjorie advises, "You have to be willing to reveal yourself.  You have to shine a light on yourself.  These are vulnerable things to do, but that's how you become more human." Bianca reminds everyone, "If you're a mentor or mentee, put your whole heart into the process.  Its an effort by both people.  Give it 100% and it'll be lasting and worthwhile."


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Reception Unites Mentors and Mentees

In November, all mentees and mentors from the I-Promise mentoring programs were invited to participate in the annual kick-off reception.  The Gershenfeld's home was full of animated conversations among the 67 people in attendance.  Students had the opportunity to meet with professionals from both the University of Illinois and the Chicago area.


During the reception, everyone engaged in an activity where they partnered with someone to discuss a question that was pulled at random.  The questions ranged from "What is your first memory of being excited?" to "What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?"  All answers were then presented to the larger group in a lively and fun conversation.


Be on the lookout for more mentor/mentee events during Spring semester, including the end-of-the-year reception on Sunday, May 1st from 1-2:30pm in the Illini Suite at Memorial Stadium.


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Donor Wayne Ziebell Meets with I-Promise Students

I-Promise would not be possible without its generous donors.  Wayne and Pat Ziebell from North Carolina feel strongly about the program.


Wayne, who spends his time teaching during his retirement, is inspired by the students he meets at all levels of education.  He says, "I see the potential that is being developed as early as the 6th grade.  The commitment of these young students would allow them to thrive in a university experience.Supporting I-Promise allows him to stay connected with students and observe their long-term outcomes.



(L to R - Quyen Bui, Emily Malamud, Cody Cameron, Loreal Latimer

and April Moore with Wayne Ziebell)


In November, Wayne came to the University of Illinois and had lunch with I-Promise students.  Everyone involved was grateful for the opportunity to meet such a vibrant and passionate person.


Waynes advice for success?  "Keep on keeping on.  In the toughest times, don't feel alone."


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Learning About Graduate and Professional School Opportunities on Campus

Approximately one-third of I-Promise students have applied to graduate or professional schools over the past two years.  To assist students in this process, I-Promise, in partnership with the Graduate College and Office of Minority and Student Affairs (OMSA) offered a forum on October 13th for students to learn more about educational opportunities beyond the bachelor degree. The idea for the forum emerged from former I-Promise student and now Ph.D. student Lhea Randle ('09, Political Science and Communication). As a first-generation graduate school student, Lhea learned a great deal during the application process and wanted to share this information with other I-Promise students.  The forum consisted of brief presentations by Ave Alvarado (Graduate College), Paul Pless (Law), Carien Williams (Medicine), and Tracey Hlede (Veterinary Medicine).  It was then followed by a student panel discussion (Bryanna Mantilla, MD/Ph.D. Sociology; Jason Patterson, JD/MHRIR; Lhea Randle, Ph.D. Political Science; and Quintin Scott, MBA, MS Kinesiology). Students in attendance had the opportunity to meet with representatives from additional professional and graduate programs on campus including the College of Business, the School of Social Work, the School of Labor and Employment Relations, and others in a mini-resource fair format. Subsequent to this forum, lunches have been offered or are planned with students and college representatives to have more focused conversations. To learn more, please contact Susan Gershenfeld


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Honoring the I-Promise Senior Class on April 8th

A special Senior Reception honoring the third graduating class of I-Promise students will be held on Friday, April 8th from 5-6:30pm in the Ballroom at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center.  Informational meetings for seniors will be held in January (see Calendar of Events) with opportunities for students to get involved in fundraising for the class gift and other planning aspects of this event. For additional information, contact Susan Gershenfeld 217.244.7719 or


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Former Chancellor Herman Funds Senior I-Promise Essay Competition in 2011

I-Promise seniors are invited to participate in a newly established essay competition, with the winner receiving $500 (applied to their student account to reduce the amount of student loans) and the honor of presenting their essay at the Senior Reception on April 8th. This award is made possible through the generosity of former Chancellor Richard Herman and his wife, Susan. Dr. Herman created the I-Promise scholarship program in 2005 and stated, "What motivated me to start I-Promise was my own experience; I would not have gone to college without the help of scholarships. I realized that there were many students on campus in very good standing who were dropping out because of a lack of financial resources." Upon witnessing the first graduating class of I-Promise students in 2009, Dr. Herman commented, "When students are given the means and the opportunity to succeed, they do so with great zeal as these students have demonstrated." This essay competition gives I-Promise seniors an opportunity to express what graduating from the University of Illinois means to them and their bold dreams for the future. Details about the essay competition were emailed to I-Promise seniors on December 22nd. Questions can be directed to Susan Gershenfeld - 217.244.7719 or The deadline to submit the essay is February 1st.


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Incoming I-Promise Students Experiencing Academic Success

Whether you are a freshmen or transfer student, the first semester on campus is especially challenging both academically and socially. Improving self-awareness, developing effective study and organizational skills, and utilizing campus resources are very important for a successful transition.  For the 197 incoming I-Promise students this fall, the scholarship program provided an orientation, offered mentors, organized community-building events, and partnered with other departments and units on campus to help facilitate a successful beginning.


With first-semester grades confirmed, we are proud to announce that over 50% of incoming I-Promise students received a 3.0 or higher GPA. Six students earned a perfect 4.0. Congratulations!  Listed below are students who earned a GPA of 3.45 or higher and gave permission to be included in this publication.


3.45 - 3.69

Courtney Blissitt, Psychology

Russell Bush, Psychology

Kic Ying Chen, Undeclared

Brittany Coleman, Undeclared

Gino Divittorio, Undeclared

Erica Horne, English

Francisco Juarez, Undeclared

Binish Lalani, Landscape Architecture

Gunhee Lee, Undeclared

T'Keyah Loggins, Broadcast Journalism

Lukas Lopotas, Undeclared, but planning to transfer to Mechanical Engineering

Awien Mayar, Political Science

Ashley McClellan, Undeclared

Jose Ortiz, Undeclared

Keshav Regmi, Undeclared

Arturo Romo, Urban Planning

Ryan Russell, Undeclared

Crystal Spruiell, Undeclared

Ethan Warth, Computer Engineering

Jasmine Williams, Psychology


3.70 - 3.99

Lindsay Anderson, E. Asian Languages and Cultures

Robel Arega, Undeclared

Caila Bishop, Elementary Education

Henry Guan, Kinesiology

Donovan Holder, Undeclared

Chuqian Huang, Undeclared

Yecenia Iturbe-Mendes, Sociology

Liyu Lei, Undeclared

Garrick Montesinos, Undeclared

Nicholas Musso, Undeclared, but planning to transfer to Natural Resources and  Environmental Science

Luis Pabon, Computer Engineering

Nikhil Patel, Actuarial Science

Kaylyn Ross, Undeclared

Cindy Ruan, E. Asian Languages and Cultures

Krzysztof Siekierzynski, Undeclared

Victoria Zeman, Pre-early Child/Elementary Education



Nabiya Arshad, Biology

Benjamin Jakupi, Psychology

Fadya Salem, Health

Jialing Ye, Undeclared


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Announcing Current Student Accomplishments

I-Promise students were invited to submit information about something they accomplished recently for which they feel particularly proud.  The wide range of accomplishments listed below illustrates the talent and diversity within the I-Promise student community.


Mauriell Amechi

Communication, 2011

On December, 9th, I received the honor of being inducted in Lambda Pi Eta, the national honorary society for undergraduate scholars who achieve excellence in their studies within the communication discipline.


Maurice Branch
Graphic Design and Painting, 2014
One of my biggest achievements here at the university was being selected for a MA (Multicultural Advocate) position for next year. I enjoy demonstrating my leadership skills, and I feel that this will be the perfect opportunity to help improve my school.


Joanna Bridge

Engineering Physics, 2011

This year I was honored to receive the Kirkwood Women in Engineering Scholarship, a College of Engineering-wide scholarship, for which I was nominated by the Department of Physics.  I was also chosen to participate in a National Science Foundation summer research program called Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).  I spent the summer in at Montana State University in Bozeman studying the magnetic fields of the sun.


Daniel Deligio

Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2011

I received straight A's this semester. I have never earned that in my attendance at Illinois, so it was a first for me. It felt really good to know that all the studying all semester paid off in the end.


Jarron Farmby

News-Editorial Journalism and Political Science, 2011

During the 2010-2011 academic year, I was awarded the Charles G. Sotir Journalism Scholarship. The award is presented to an individual with outstanding achievements within the field of journalism. Also, as the president of the National Association of Black Journalists - University of Illinois Chapter, I have, with the complete commitment of the organization, strived to promote diversity in the field both domestically and abroad.


Silvia Gonzalez

Photography, Art Education, 2011

This semester I was accepted to become a member of International Impact (a student-run RSO) to volunteer abroad with a not-for-profit organization called FEVI. I will be spending two weeks working with Ecuadorian and Afro-Ecuadorian community members in their schools, hospitals and daily lives. I am most excited to work hands on, with people who want to share their culture and stories with me.


I was also the recipient of the YMCA Bailey Scholarship that acknowledges students that are involved in creating a change in society. In addition to that scholarship, I received a scholarship from David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago that supports and mentors young and thriving artists in their endeavors.


I am also currently the co-president of the Art Education Association at Illinois that aims to create community and build professionalism among Art Educators at U of I.


Brehanna Jordan

LAS/Undeclared (intended major is Computer Engineering), 2014
I am very proud of myself for passing Chemistry this semester.  It was a big challenge, but I changed my study habits and that actually worked.


Arash Khan

Computer Science, 2012

For a class I took during fall semester, we had to work on a final project of our choosing.  While none of us got a flawless implementation, I tried to write a program that takes an input image and gives you a painting/cartoonized version of it, which was based on an idea presented in a research paper.  It has a reference set from which it "learns" how to do that.  The url for that page is:

April Moore

Communication, 2011

One of the main accomplishments I am very proud of this semester is getting accepted into the Strong Kids Research Institute. This internship is year-long project that measures childhood obesity and then commits to formulating an action plan for childhood obesity. As a Communication major, I work directly with children and parents. This internship has prompted me to apply to the newly-developed Master of Arts in Health Communication program here at the University of Illinois.


Cherry Oribello

Human Development and Family Studies, 2014

This past semester has been quite an adventure. I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that I worked hard and passed all my classes. I honestly can't say how relieved I am that the past semester is over because it was my first time handling "college" work and time all by myself. 


Ryan Russell

Undeclared/DGS, 2014
My first semester was a somewhat rough transition; I soon learned that sometimes significant hours of work were required for success and that my absolute best is not necessarily an "A". After taking Chem 101, I am pretty confident that I will declare a major in Specialized Chemistry or Chemical Engineering because I greatly enjoy such challenges. On another note, I feel that my writing has been significantly improved because of Communication 111 -- my professor consistently gave me strong and sometimes harsh criticism, which in the long run greatly increased my overall ability.


Ashley Senesac

English, 2012

I finished the semester with B's and have two jobs.


Krzysztof Siekierzynski

Undecided , 2014

I am very proud of overcoming various hardships while working three jobs and going to school.


Andrea Slusarski

Art Education, Painting, 2011

Over the past summer, I was hired as the Director of the Leonhard Day Camp for the Champaign Park District.  My studies as an art educator and my passion for activity and sports helped guide me in providing a fun-filled summer camp for 80-area children ages 5-11.  Hands-down it was one of the best summers I have ever had, and I learned so much too!


Aaron White

Dance, 2011

The American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA) is a conference that is held every year where dance departments throughout the United States gather to show work. Respective schools select work that best demonstrates the essence of their individual programs. These works are placed either in an adjudicated showing, where the winner is selected to attend the National College Dance Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, or in an informal one. This coming year, I will be attending ACDFA to perform faculty Linda Lehovec's work Tanz Fur Gias as well as my senior thesis solo that I choreographed called In His Own Image. Both works will be placed in the adjudicated showing.


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Alumni News

Shanicka S. Burdine

Sociology/Gender and Women's Studies, 2010

Currently, I work for a non-for-profit educational agency in the south suburbs of Chicago as the Recruiter/Outreach Specialist. This has been particularly rewarding because I have the opportunity to help serve students while making a difference in their lives through the Upward Bound Program; just as Upward Bound did for me. Higher Education+Upward Mobility=Success! Illinois, has taught me the importance of service, communal efforts, and more importantly the value behind ILL-INI! 


Cecilia Macias

Communication, 2009

I am currently a graduate student at Ball State University. I am doing a two-year Master's program in one year and a summer in Student Affairs in Higher Education. My graduation will take place on July 23rd, 2011.


Emily Parrott

Community Health, 2009

I will be completing my MS in Community Health at the University of Illinois in May, 2011.


Darshil Patel

Community Health, 2009

I'm officially half way done with my Ph.D. in Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois- Chicago.


Quintin Scott

Kinesiology, 2009

I spent my summer of 2009 as a strength and conditioning consultant for the Fighting Illini football team.  I am currently pursuing joint master degrees in Business Administration and Kinesiology at my alma mater.  This spring, I will be traveling to Brazil for a study abroad and career exploration opportunity.  In addition, I am completing a thesis on "The Effects of Resistance Exercise on Cardiovascular Function."


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Calendar of Events

RSVP required for events listed below. Simply email with your name and the event you are attending.




Fri 21st

Senior Reception Informational Meeting: 12-1:30pm, Illini Union Bookstore building, 807 Wright Street, 5th floor, room 514.


Sat 22nd

Senior Reception Informational Meeting: 1-2:30pm, Illini Union Bookstore building, 807 Wright Street, 5th floor, room 514.


Sun 23rd

Senior Reception Informational Meeting: 5-6:30pm, Illini Union Bookstore building, 807 Wright Street, 5th floor, room 514.




Wed 9th

Business Etiquette for Today - How Savvy Are You? : 6-7:30pm, Illini Union Bookstore building, 807 Wright Street, 5th floor, room 514. Presenter/Facilitator, Beth Reutter, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Hospitality Management Program


Sun 13th

Valentine Sweets: 2-4pm, ARC Instructional Kitchen. Students will learn how to make tasty treats for their sweets for Valentine's Day


Sun 27th


Cooking a Meal from Scratch:  5-7pm, ARC Instructional Kitchen.  Learn to cook a healthy, tasty, and fun meal from two culinary experts.





Wed. 2nd

Etiquette Dinner: 6-8pm, Colonial Room, Illini Union. Presenter/Facilitator, Beth Reutter, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Hospitality Management Program. (See article above regarding cost and RSVP deadline.)


Wed 9th

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft: 6-7pm, Illini Union Bookstore building, 807 Wright Street, 5th floor, room 514. Presenter, Seth Lazarus, TCF Bank





Fri 8th

Senior Reception: 5-6pm, Ballroom, Alice Campbell Alumni Center


Sat. 16th

Photo Scavenger Hunt:  2pm. Illini Union, lobby, north side entrance


Tues 26th

End-of-Year BBQ:  5-6:30pm, Illini Grove





Sun. 1st

End-of-Year Mentor-Mentee Reception: 1-2:30pm, Illini Suite, Memorial Stadium


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