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Make It Personal: Ecards with Attitude!

That's right: WebTools is launching a new series of enhancements starting with eight great ecard designs to help you promote your departmental events, announcements, and more. Use WebTools to personalize your greeting, invite your favorite groups and recognize the accomplishments of your faculty, staff and students with this easy new app.

Just log in to WebTools, choose the Emailer from the Utilities tab. Click the "Create a new email" button; choose "eCard" and click "continue." On the General tab will declare your subject line, decide who the ecard will come from, choose groups (from the Group Manager) and schedule/test your email. The Content tab is where you'll set up the title, content and footer that will appear in your card. The Appearance tab is where you can choose from several designs. Once you have these set up, you can see the composite in the Preview tab.

Web Services' editor allows you to add links and use other WebTools apps to enhance your special message with other great tools, like Form Builder to add an RSVP, Survey Builder to get feedback, Calendar to connect to your latest events, and Emailer to create or link to your favorite newsletter.

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We're just getting started.

Web Services is also working on new "skins" or templates for you to choose, as well as new newsletter formatting options. In addition to the new ecards, you'll be able to have two-column navigation, right or left navigation options and new, exciting graphic skins to encase them all.

Stay tuned.

We're also getting ready to roll out our latest Blog endeavor - a complete redesign of the Campus Blog to give you better blogging power and more spontaneous user interaction. Look for this to replace your current third-party blog options which will give you greater control and better fine-tuning capabilities.