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News from the UIUC Rare Books and Manuscript Library

In this Issue:

  • "Wealth of Notions," the Current Exhibition in RBML

  • Carl Sandburg Event at C-U Folk & Roots Festival

  • Special Milton Lecture by Visiting Scholars

  • No. 44 Society Holiday Party & "biblioTECH" update

  • Spring Exhibitions: "Arctic Exploration" and "Ian Fleming's Casino Royale"

Current Exhibition In RBML:

picture of Adam Smith

Wealth of Notions:
Economists in Conflict
14 September—14 December 2012

Curated by Samuel Bostaph

Economic thinking begins with the recognition of scarcity. The limitation of the means for securing the ends that are the purpose of individual or collective action requires choosing among possible means. The ends themselves are limited by the finitude of human aspirations and of life itself. Choosing rationally among ends, as well as among suitable means, requires principles of choice. Economics is the science of those principles.

This exhibition traces the formulation of modern economic thought through representative texts drawn from the Rare Book & Manuscript Library's Hollander Collection of Economica.

Assembled by Jacob Harry Hollander (1871-1940), Professor of Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University, the Hollander Collection is one of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library's great treasures. Containing nearly 4100 books, manuscripts, letters, realia, and portraits, it encompasses the broad sweep of almost 450 years of economic thought.

A printed catalog is available, as well as a .pdf file.

Carl Sandburg

CU Folk & Roots Festival!
3 November 2012, 3:00 p.m.
Urbana Free Library's
Busey-Mills Reading Room

"Carl Sandburg:
Music of the People,
Voice of the People"

Carl Sandburg dedicates his American Songbag to the "Unknown Singers," or the people who lived and died, having sung, but remain unsung. Not only did Carl Sandburg collect and record the music of the people, the unknown people, he also dedicated himself to speaking to them and to speaking for their cause. He wanted to unite common men to work toward their mutual benefit. Early in his career, before the Chicago Poems propelled him to greater recognition, Sandburg worked as a lecturer and activist, always with the people as his cause and concern. In this event, we will celebrate the music that Carl Sandburg collected, the speeches he gave, and the poems he wrote.

This event is co-sponsored by The Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the CU Folk & Roots Festival, the University of Illinois Department of English, and the Urbana Free Library.

December No. 44 Society Event:
12 December 2012,
3:00 p.m., 346 Library

Holiday Cheer Party,
Book Brag, and "biblioTECH" Project Update

Come join us for a Holiday Cheer Party and book brag. Kolb-Proust Librarian Caroline Szylowicz will also present an update on "BiblioTECH," a new center within RBML devoted to using new technologies—everything from digitization to bio-imaging—to study special collections materials. Club members and all in the mood to share new acquisitions or old favorites are invited to bring highlights from their collections for display. All are welcome!


Spring Exhibitions in RBML
Opening in January:
A Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the University-sponsored Crocker Land Expedition to the Arctic, 1913-1917

Ross ExpeditionNames Swallowed by the Cold:
Hidden Histories of Arctic Exploration
25 January—8 April 2013

Curated by Adam Doskey

This two-part exhibition of unique materials about Arctic exploration commemorates the centenary of the Crocker Land Expedition, an Arctic expedition co-sponsored by the University of Illinois, which included recent University of Illinois graduates W. Elmer Ekblaw and Maurice Tanquary. The exhibition in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library features manuscript materials from Sir William Parry, Sir John Franklin, and Sir John Richardson, and many association copies of works by important explorers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing on the Anglo-American contribution to Arctic exploration. The exhibits include items from the Palmer-Parry Collection, the Sir John Richardson Collection, the Schwatka Arctic Library, and the Mercanton Polar Library. The companion exhibition in the Library's First Floor North-South Hallway will include a pictorial timeline of Arctic exploration and will highlight the connections between the European Arctic explorers that are represented in our collections.

The opening reception on Friday, January 25th at 3 pm will feature a lecture by Gillen Wood, Professor of English Literature at the University of Illinois. The lecture will highlight the contributions made by Bernard O’Reilly and William Scoresby Jr. to the British search for the Northwest Passage in the early nineteenth century.

On Thursday, February 7th at 3 pm, the Rare Book & Manuscript Library will be celebrating Charles Dickens’s birthday with a staged reading of Wilkie Collins’s play, The Frozen Deep. This play was based on Sir John Franklin’s expedition to discover the Northwest Passage and was written by Collins in collaboration with Charles Dickens. Both authors acted in the original performances.

Exhibition curator Adam Doskey will give a guided tour of the exhibition at the February No. 44 Society meeting, held on Wednesday, February 13th at 3 pm.

The closing lecture by Dr. Dag Avango of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) at Stockholm will be held on Monday, April 8th at 3pm. Dr. Avango studies the history of technology in the polar regions and has written about industrial archaeology on Svalbard and South Georgia Island.

Opening in April:
A Celebration of the 60th anniversary of Ian Fleming's first James Bond book, Casino Royale

Casino Royale


Casino Royale: Sixty Years of Bond
12 April—12 July 2013
Curated by Michael VanBlaricum

University of Illinois alum Michael VanBlaricum '72 ENG, MS '74 ENG, PHD '76 ENG, has amassed perhaps the finest collection of Ian Fleming material in private hands. He is also President of the Ian Fleming Foundation.

To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Fleming's first book featuring secret agent 007, "James Bond," the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the Spurlock Museum, and the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music have invited VanBlaricum to curate a multi-venue exhibition.

The Rare Book & Manuscript Library will display all manner of editions of Casino Royale, as well as letters, reviews, photos, and other works by Fleming. The Spurlock Museum will host showings of the three film versions of the work (including the rare television show from 1954 with a blonde, American Bond), and exhibits of objects (including a Bond car!) related to the films. The Sousa Archives will concentrate on the music of Casino Royale and the Bond films, particularly the music from the 1967 film made famous by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

Other planned events include a special concert of Bond music and a presentation by VanBlaricum on April 12. Stay tuned for further updates!

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