PHL in the News  
October 16, 2012  

The following items have appeared recently in newspapers, blogs, on websites and other media regarding PHL and might be of interest to affiliates of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.

North America

  • Grain elevators in the central United States are experiencing shortages after this year's unusual weather patterns. Early harvests are causing demand for storage to occur in ways elevator managers do not normally plan for. Temporary storage capacities are being utilized but numbers of grain piles on the ground continue to increase. Each pile loses an average of  1-2% of the crop using this storage method. (Video)    


 East Asia

  • In Vietnam, rice farmers continue to face issues with storage, stable prices, and processing, making for an inefficient production chain responsible for 13% of rice postharvest losses. The government has admitted that its policy of buying up surplus rice to avoid price instability is not benefitting smallholder farmers but rather the trading middle man. Officials are suggesting farmers build co-operatives to collectively store at least 10 tonnes of rice paddy. 

South Asia

  • At the start of the Indian procurment season, the government is still facing severe storage shortages. The large bumper crop is overwhelming current capacities that still hold much of last year's procurement. Government reactions include plans to add more storage capacity, release additional grain to the open market, and export to neighboring nations. Meanwhile, significant amounts of grain continue to rot, leaving it either reduced to animal feed or wasted entirely.


  • The International Wheat and Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) spoke to farmers in Malawi on the importance of effective grain storage in acheiving a "sustainable livelihood." CIMMYT highlighted the large amount of postharvest loss that occurs on the African continent due to poor grain storage, in Malawi specifically because of rodents and weevils. The Malawi Ministry of Agriculture supported CIMMYT efforts in emphasizing the use of metallic silos and improved storage methods.

Conferences and Symposiums

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ADM Institute

USAID featured the ADM Institute on Agrilinks, a communication platform for agriculture and food security experts and practitioners. Agrilinks posted a video interview with Director Steve Sonka, as well as short clips of institute researchers explaining the difficulties in and motivation for postharvest loss research.

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