PHL in the News  
December 21 , 2012  

The following items have appeared recently in newspapers, blogs, on websites and other media regarding PHL and might be of interest to affiliates of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.


  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced its new business plan that has a strategic focus on Cambodia. The US$525 million pipeline will target urbanization of secondary towns, urban-rural linkages, and private sector development, among other things. It will support projects aiming to commercialize rice production and enhance supply chains overall.
  • ADB and the International Food Policy Research Center released a report on the importance of strong market supply chains in Asia. "The Quiet Revolution in Staple Value Food Chains" describes successes within the system and stresses the need to scale-up those strategies. 

The United States

  • The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) worked with 23 countries in 2012 to unlock up to US$525 million in private capital to go to "underserved entrepeneurs". US$219 million will go towards agriculture and food security initiatives, and US$215 million for small enterprises.
  • USAID contributed US$7.9 million to the UN World Food Program towards projects that are working to improve agriculture and market access for smallholder farmers in Uganda. Activities include building and upgrading warehouses, repairing feeder roads, and providing market information.


  • Hungary food safety authorities have found the country's feed maize supply to be contimated with aflatoxin. Some officials suggest this year's severe drought might have caused the increased presence of aflatoxin.

  • The Guardian featured an article on postharvest loss and its contributions to food security. Caspa van Vark reviews PHL reduction techniques such as the use of metal silos, bags, and the role of public and private interventions.

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