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Women in Engineering
May 2016 WIE Newsletter

Thanks to everyone who helped make this an awesome year for WIE! Good luck on finals and if you need a study break, feel free to stop by the WIE Office in 210A Engineering Hall!


Graudating Women in Engineering

Congratulations to our graduating Women in Engineering! We wish you the best of luck on your next adventures. If you haven't already, please fill out this form to be added to our WIE alumnae database.


WIE Leadership Certificate Recipients


Congratulations to those who completed the WIE Leadership Certificate! The program provides female engineering students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through monthly workshops with alumnae and faculty. Those that completed the certificate have learned critical skills and attributes to help them maximize their impact as leaders. Great job, ladies!


2016 Engineering at Illinois Student Award Winners


Shout out to the 2016 Engineering at Illinois student award winners. Congratulations to Hannah Lohman (Harvey H. Jordan Award), Katie Mummah (William R. Schowalter Award), Emily Chao (Andrea J. Culumber Award), and Catherine McCarthy (H.L. Wakeland Undergraduate Leadership Award).

  1. Sign up to attend WIE Lead in the fall! Develop your leadership skills and help change society’s understanding of what leaders look like!
  2. Join the Women in Engineering Facebook group and stay in touch over the summer.
  3. Read a book! Check out these: “15 Best Leadership Books Every Young Leader Needs to Read”
  4. Get inspired and browse some TED talks. Check out our current favorite by Reshma Saujani titled “Teach girls bravery, not perfection”.
  5. Stressed about next semester? Set up an advising call with Women in Engineering by contacting
  6. Take some time to polish your resume and update your LinkedIn. Check out the ECS Career Resource Guide!
  7. Catch up on your favorite Netflix series or have a movie marathon!
  8. Check out some of our amazing Illinois alumni blogs! Eat Well. Travel Often. & Be Opposite.
  9. Take time to enjoy a home cooked meal.
  10. Most importantly… take time to relax and have fun!

WIE have made it easy to stay connected and up to date on WIE Activities. View our Google calendar here and add it to yours!

Meet Jamie Padilla

Jamie Padilla is a senior studying Electrical Engineering with a focus in Power and Energy Systems. Last summer, she served as a Grid Operations Services intern at San Diego Gas & Electric by conducting short-term power flow analysis for the reliable operation of the transmission grid. Previously, she was a Power Systems Engineering intern for Eaton Corporation in St. Louis, MO. Upon her graduation in May 2016, she will begin her full-time position as an Associate Engineer at San Diego Gas & Electric in San Diego, CA. In the past, she has served as the Director of Standards and Ethics, Leadership Chair, and Social Media Chair for her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, as well as a Gamma Chi (Recruitment Counselor) for the PanHellenic Council. Currently, she is a course grader for ECE 333: Green Electric Energy, a student-instagrammer for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the Illinois Undergraduate Student Representative for the U.S. Department of Energy GEARED –MARMET Consortium.

Jamie is a recipient of the Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics Research and Leadership Program for performing research with Professor Hao Zhu on topology control analysis and mitigations for geomagnetic disturbances on the electric grid. Jamie also presented research about the integration of renewable energy on the electric grid at the 2015 North American Power Symposium (NAPS) and the 2016 Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI). Jamie was awarded First Place out of twenty posters for the best poster award at PECI 2016.

Would you like to be featured in one of our WIE Spring Newsletter's? Share details of your awards, accomplishments, and more with WIE for a chance to tell your story and inspire fellow women in engineering students.  Contact us at

Alumna Spotlight

Dr. Beth Keser received her B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Beth’s excellence in developing revolutionary electronic packages for semiconductor devices has resulted in 12 patents, 12 patents pending, and over 40 publications in the semiconductor industry. Based in San Diego, Beth leads the Fan-Out and Fan-In Wafer Level Packaging Technology Development and NPI Group at Qualcomm. Beth’s team has qualified over 50 products resulting in over 6 billion units shipped--technology consumers around the world enjoy in cell phones today.

Beth always wanted to go into industry after her Ph.D. She worked for Motorola in Tempe, AZ on Advance Electronic Packaging for 12 years before moving to Qualcomm in San Diego to run the Wafer Level Packaging team. Beth says being involved in professional societies has been extremely important for her career as they help to grow your network, give a better understanding of your field, and give self-confidence when people turn to you for advice and expertise. She is currently a very active member of IEEE, where she is a senior member.

Beth's advice to current students is to dedicate the first 5 years of their career to becoming technically deep and a technical expert in their field. As women, it can be very easy to get pulled into program management and leadership roles with which leverage our natural teamwork skills. However, it will help you throughout your career to have a technical depth you develop right after graduation. There is plenty of time later for program and people management!

Summer Opportunities

Be part of the MakerGirl Team

MakerGirl is a startup company that was founded on campus by University of Illinois students. Its mission is to get more girls interested in STEM and to ultimately have more women go into STEM fields. The company promotes STEM through 3D printing sessions held in the Business Instructional Facility on campus for girls ages 7-10. 

Over the summer, we will be holding various 3D printing camps, sessions, and workshops to achieve our mission. We are currently looking for women in STEM fields to be part of our MakerGirl Team during Summer 2016.

If you interested, please email with your name, phone number, and reason(s) for interest. We will be conducting phone interviews over the course of the next two weeks. 

Also, feel free to visit our website:

and like us on Facebook:


Personalized Meeting

Are you in need of some advice about a particular course, your work load, or other things concerning your experience in engineering? Schedule an appointment with WIE advisors, Dean Larson or Angie Wolters by emailing with your availability. WIE can discuss strategies and resources available to enhance your efforts.  


The WIE staff is continually encouraging women in engineering, so keep in touch! Check out our website, post to our Facebook page, e-mail us at, join our Women in Engineering LinkedIn group, or follow us on Instagram, to learn all about WIE news, upcoming events, and scholarship opportunities.


Dr. Susan Larson - Director, Women in Engineering

Angie Wolters - Associate Director, Women in Engineering


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