Illinois faculty help launch new mechanics journal

8/6/2014  8:00 am

University of Illinois Professors Jimmy Hsia and John Rogers, along with Harvard Professor Zhigang Suo, are editors-in-chief of a new journal, Extreme Mechanics Letters. The journal features mechanics related research in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary areas across materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering,and emphasizes topics impacting important societal issues such as healthcare, energy, environment, water, climate, and security.

EML fills a void in the scientific publishing arena by providing a forum for rapid dissemination of letter-sized papers in mechanics-related research. Topics include: soft materials, small length scales, instability/bifurcation, fluid droplets on patterned solid surfaces, battery materials, and cellular and molecular mechanics in biological systems.

”Mechanics discovered in one field invariably find applications in other fields” said Suo. “For example, people have made discoveries in mechanics often when doing something else—seeking evidence for the existence of God, building cathedrals, flying airplanes, laying transatlantic telegraph cables, fabricating microprocessors, watching cells move, fracking for gas, inventing optical tweezers, creating soft lithography, and developing wearable or implantable electronics.”

Hsia, a mechanical science and engineering professor, and Rogers, a materials science and engineering professor, are both affiliate faculty of the Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory. Hsia has made important research contributions to materials deformation and reliability, micro- and nano-mechanics, mechanics of soft materials and living cells, which have led to a broad range of applications. Rogers is best known for developing electronic materials for devices that have unusual properties, including those that match the soft, curvilinear surfaces biological tissues for advanced surgical tools, wearable monitors, and other biomedical systems.


The first issue of EML will be published online by December 1, 2014. Print copies of the first few issues will be freely distributed at conferences. Further information about the journal or article submission is available at:

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