2008 BeeSpace Summer Learning Workshop

EdWeek 08: Monday activities

6/28/2008  5:00 pm

Monday morning's activities included learning from Professor Susan Fahrbach about bee biology, examining honey bees under a light microscope, and paying a virtual visit to BugScope to view honey bees with a scanning electron microscope.

Lecture: Bee Biology Basics, with Susan Fahrbach (1 hr., 6 mins.)
Susan Fahrbach, professor of biology at Wake Forest University, introduces facts about honey bee biology.
    Fahrbach-BeeBiology.PDF -- Slideset (Adobe Acrobat)
    Video Part 1 (35 mins.) | Video Part 2 (31 mins.) -- Synchronized video and slides (Adobe Flash)
    Transcript (Adobe Acrobat)
    Question Set (Adobe Acrobat)

Monday Photo Galleries
Visual microscope dissection
BugScope electron microscope session