2008 BeeSpace Summer Learning Workshop

EdWeek 08: Thursday activities

6/28/2008  2:00 pm

Students toured the Institute for Genomic Biology's neuroscience laboratory and engaged in a hands-on simulated microarray experiment. Reed Johnson discussed the emerging problem of Colony Collapse Disorder, and described what he and other researchers have learned about the problem and how they are using experiments and bioinformatics tools, such as the BeeSpace Navigator software, to learn more.

Video: Tour of the IGB Neuroscience Lab (4 mins.)
Nick leads a brief tour of the Neuroscience Lab in the Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois. Items shown include a PCR machine, heating and cooling equipment, a freeze dryer, a centrifuge, testing kits, and a spectrophotometer.
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Video: Simulated Microarray Experiment (20 mins.)
Nick leads a simulated microarray experiment comparing gene expression by cancerous and normal lung cells.
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Lecture: Colony Collapse Disorder, with Reed Johnson (45 mins.)
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Thursday Photo Galleries
Touring the IGB neuroscience lab
    Simulated microarray experiment