2008 BeeSpace Summer Learning Workshop

EdWeek 08 Presenters

6/28/2008  5:30 pm

BeeSpace is fortunate to have several world-class scientists and additional presenters assisting with the 2008 Summer Learning Workshop. National Academy scientists, senior research professors, and affiliated doctoral students will be demonstrating and describing their work throughout the workshop week.

Our presenters include:

Nick Naeger

David Stone

Susan Fahrbach

Gene Robinson

Bruce Schatz

Nick Naeger (daily) is a doctoral student in the Robinson Bee Lab at UIUC. He will be our featured presenter, and will lead activities each day of the workshop. Nick's research is featured in a three-part video series on honey bee research prepared by BeeSpace and available for viewing here.

David Stone (daily) is the biology teacher at University High School in Urbana, Illinois. He has been a member of the BeeSpace education team throughout the project, and will be leading afternoon sessions on preparing for science competitions, for interested students throughout the workshop week.

Susan Fahrbach (Monday), the BeeSpace co-investigator for bee neuroanatomy, is the Reynolds Professor of Biology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. She will be leading workshop sessions on bee biology and seeking learners' assessment of educational materials created by her Wake Forest students.

Gene Robinson (Wednesday), the BeeSpace co-investigator for bee genomics, is the Arends Professor of Integrative Biology and a Swanlund Professor at UIUC. On Tuesday, we will be visiting the bee lab he administers. On Wednesday, he will be leading discussion of the scientific implications of BeeSpace.

Reed Johnson (Thursday) is a doctoral student in the laboratory of May Berenbaum at UIUC. An expert on Colony Collapse Disorder, he will be describing what is known about CCD to date, and how scientists are seeking to learn more.

Bruce Schatz (Friday) is head of the medical informatics department at UIUC and principal investigator of the BeeSpace project. An information scientist by training, he will be discussing the computerized tools that BeeSpace is developing to assist honey bee biologists, and the implications of this work for research biology and for health care.