2008 BeeSpace Summer Learning Workshop

EdWeek08: Complete BeeSpace Experiment

6/28/2008  5:15 pm

Nick Naeger is a doctoral student in the honey bee lab of Gene Robinson at the University of Illinois. In this four-part video series, Nick first introduces himself and then conducts an experiment to investigate expression of a gene regulating hormone levels, in two groups of worker bee.

Nick Naeger Interview (6 mins.) -- Nick talks about how he became a researcher in the field of honey bee behavior genomics, and what excites him about the field.

A BeeSpace Experiment, Part 1: Collecting Nurses and Foragers (18 mins.) -- In Part 1, Nick visits the bee yard to collect nurses and foragers.

A BeeSpace Experiment, Part 2: Isolating RNA for Genetic Analysis (22 mins.) -- In Part 2, Nick conducts laboratory work to isolate honey bee RNA for genetic analysis.

A BeeSpace Experiment, Part 3: cDNA (Complementary DNA) Synthesis (21 mins.) -- In Part 3, Nick conducts further laboratory work to synthesize cDNA (complementary DNA) and perform qrtPCR, to determine if a particular gene is expressed at different levels in nurses and foragers.

Question Set (Adobe Acrobat)