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Journalism Discovery course gives students broadcast television experience and vocal coaching

12/28/2010  12:15 pm

Jour 199 Discovery course newsbreaksJohn Paul, instructor in journalism, taught a Discovery course this fall, giving students a hands-on introduction to broadcast journalism. The course, "Voice and TV Performance," taught 18 students quite a bit about the various aspects of professional voice, from articulation to resonance to vocal problems.

"They learned more anatomy than they thought they would in this course," said Paul, who brought in several speakers to talk about the importance of voice and appearance in a successful broadcast career.

Among the speakers/guests were a TV reporter, a play-by-play radio sports announcer, a broadcast attorney and agent, a vocal coach, a speech pathologist, a radio newscaster, and a public address announcer from the Assembly Hall.

"I think the part of the course freshmen found most intimidating and yet fun was the opportunity to get on camera, with Teleprompter, in a professional studio at Richmond," said Paul. "This showed them how voice, body language, cosmetics and clothing work together to create and project credibility to the viewer and audience at home."

They also learned about the importance of fashion, whether they were a "winter," "spring," "summer," or "fall" based on skin tone, eye color, and hair.

Students produced a collection of newsbreaks as the final project for the course. Watch the video.