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Advertising department partners with AAF to host AdCamp 2011 for Chicago highschoolers

1/20/2011  5:00 pm

The Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising at Illinois, in partnership with the American Advertising Federation, will launch AdCamp in downtown Chicago, June 20 – July 1, 2011. AdCamp is going to be a unique opportunity for high school students (10th – 12th graders) to explore the advertising industry and the variety of exciting careers it has to offer. Students will participate in classroom lectures and will directly interact with industry professionals, representing all facets of advertising and marketing. Advertising Department faculty will teach the classroom lectures while corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to host industry immersion activities and corporate shadowing. Students will then apply all these key learnings toward a capstone project introduced by the client sponsor(s) at the beginning of the camp session. Additional workshops on leadership, diversity and teambuilding will be included in the curriculum to help students hone other professional skills critical to success.

"AdCamp will be an amazing opportunity to expose high school students to the creative and business sides of advertising. The Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising is pleased to be partnering with AAF in this venture. And we’re delighted we can do this in the Chicago area – where so many of our students hail from and so many of our alumni work," said Jan Slater, interim dean and professor of advertising.

AAF and the Advertising Department are focusing recruiting efforts in the local Chicago school districts, both public and private. AdCamp will be a daytime program hosted at the Illini Center. In addition, AAF will be offering several academic scholarships to under-represented minorities to provide a diverse student class.

"AAF Education Services is excited to reach out to a new market of students to get them engaged with the advertising industry. By educating a younger generation, the organization hopes to build a continuous pipeline of fresh talent for the industry. Nowadays, young adults have an overwhelming palate of career choices and in order for the advertising industry to stay robust and profitable it is crucial to interact with students at an early stage," said Connie Frazier, COO, American Advertising Federation.


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