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Advertising course on entrepreneurial media receives development grant

1/31/2011  4:15 pm

Rhiannon Clifton, program director in the Department of Advertising, received a grant from the University of Illinois' Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership to develop a new Advertising course, Entrepreneurial Media.

The course has been selected for the Faculty Fellows in Entrepreneurship program, an exciting opportunity to stimulate entrepreneurial energy at the University of Illinois. Four other proposals were selected from various colleges on campus, as well as a proposal from Parkland College.

The new course, Entrepreneurial Media, will explore the rapidly changing media landscape through a lens of entrepreneurship and media in a digital age.

"The support allows for me to develop the course with the help of some student researchers, which will allow the Department to offer this unique opportunity to College of Media students, as well as students from across the campus," said Clifton.

Her proposal outlined the goals of the course, including exploring entrepreneurship in advertising and mass communications in the past, present, and future. "There are existing courses throughout the nation that explore entrepreneurship in media from a journalism and news content perspective," said Clifton in her proposal. "However, there are few – if any – that will explore entrepreneurial media from an advertising and marketing perspective."

This course is designed to expose students to the concepts and frameworks of entrepreneurship, and how those phenomena are present in the media business. Students will examine trends in the media landscape that affect advertising and communications, and will engage in the examination of a critical media issue, exploring and proposing entrepreneurial solutions.

The $10,000 grant will be used to support the resources needed to develop the course.