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Journalism professor and students to present project at Scholarship of Engagement seminar

1/31/2011  4:30 pm

Eric Meyer, associate professor of journalism, and his students will present their project at the University of Illinois Center for Teaching Excellence' Scholarship of Engagement Seminar on Wednesday, February 23. Their presentation, " Community Engagement through New-media Journalism," will cover the semester-long project undertaken by students in JOUR 425 about crime and the campus community.

Responding to unprecedented concern about crime on campus, students in JOUR 425 Graphics and Design and JOUR 199 Flash Journalism Online created an interactive online resource so others could get past myth and rhetoric and examine campus crime in a uniquely interactive way. Rather than create text-based narratives that force readers to follow only one pathway through material, they presented without comment audio highlights of hundreds of interviews they conducted and created interactive features that allowed users to query the data their research uncovered in whatever manner the users desired. The nature of the project encouraged students to develop new skills in data analysis and visualization plus techniques of online coding and design in addition to practicing professional journalistic skills.