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Mediapalooza recruitment event wows admitted students

Alexis Pope '12 JOURN | Photos by Allison Bulow '11 ADV
3/25/2011  4:30 pm

The College of Media hosted its second annual Mediapalooza event Saturday, March 12, welcoming the admitted students. Mediapalooza is an opportunity for admitted students to explore life in the College. They learn about majors, interact with faculty and current students, and work on a hands-on project. 

College Dean Jan Slater spoke to a room of 79 families to tell them why the College is the right fit for their student. 

“We have a stellar faculty that is committed to help you learn. Our students are competitive in the marketplace but not competitive with each other,” she said. 

The goal of Mediapalooza is to make the admitted students and their families feel more comfortable about the transition to college, explained Megan Tucker-Zwilling, director of student services and organizer of the event. 


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After the Dean’s welcome, admitted students went to a mini-class session for their majors. Each session was run by at least one professor of the given department. 

In the Journalism session, Instructor John Paul introduced his JOUR 199 Discovery Course: Broadcast Voice and TV Performance. He said the course helps improve students’ voices, teaches body language, and trains students how to read a teleprompter. 

In the Advertising section, students evaluated ads made by current Advertising students.

While Instructor Peter Sheldon caught their attention visually, Instructor Steve Hall grabbed their ears with his presentation on how students can take the necessary steps to be successful upon graduation. 

“Fours year from now you’ve got the wisdom and a degree from the best darn program in the country. But it’s not just about leaving the U of I with a degree—you need experiences and a number of activities,” he said. 

In the Media and Cinema Studies session, a student was concerned about which path to take¬¬––go to a technical film school or study film at the University. 

Professor Fernando Elichirigoity said, “It is about developing a set of skills. The idea is to get comfortable with the flexibility of the economy. We give students a realistic view of the real world and confidence to feel they can develop the necessary skills.” 

After the lunch break, students worked on a project with current students and professors. Parents attended to a session to learn more on how their student can be successful within the College. 

Advertising admitted students participated in “Crunch Time,” where they helped current undergraduates work together to meet the National Student Advertising Competition’s plan book deadline. 

Broadcast Journalism admitted students worked on “We’re Going Live.” 

Freshman Sara Maslar-Donar said, “We learned how to interview someone; how to be interviewed; how to work a camera. I will definitely sign up for the JOUR 199 broadcast class.” 

News-Editorial admitted freshmen were involved in “Media in a Box: Backpack Journalism in a Nutshell,” where they created a multimedia presentation. 

The Media and Cinema Studies admitted freshmen were a part of “Producing Reality TV (in 30 Minutes).” Students pitched a new reality TV series and talked about the methods involved in contemporary television and related media. 

Once the hands-on sessions were complete, students and parents attended an Informational Fair to conclude the day. 

Torria Cason, mother of admitted student Taylor Polydore, said, “I learned a lot today. Some of my fears about job security have subsided. I saw what she can do and that she will not have a problem finding a job.” 

Polydore and her mother drove from Clarksville, Tenn., to be present at Mediapalooza. 

While some students may have visited the College prior to Mediapalooza, others were visiting for the first time, like Veronica Mosquera. 

“Everything is more real. They [professors] were not just telling me what the students do. They showed us through student campaigns and study abroad options. I could really see myself here,” said Mosquera.