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Advertising students build Chevrolet brand with campus-based marketing campaign

5/10/2011  10:15 am

A College of Media student-run marketing agency, Intuition Advertising, received praise from Chevrolet after successfully executing an integrated marketing campaign to increase awareness of the Chevy models, Camaro, Cruze and Equinox on the Urbana campus.

Intuition Advertising, made up of 43 advertising students, created a campaign consisting of guerilla marketing, social media, and teaser-like advertisements, designed to show off the fun, appealing attributes of these three Chevrolet vehicles to the Generation Y market. The campaign reached more than 20,000 students on campus over the course of the semester. 


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Thanks to EdVenture Partners, students had a rare opportunity to put their education to work in the real world. Their task was to create a fully functioning marketing agency responsible for researching, implementing, and evaluating an integrated marketing campaign for their client. The agency received a $3,000 budget to help them bring their plans to life. At the end of the term, the agency conducted post-research to measure their success and gave a formal presentation to the client summarizing their campaign and results.

“I learned more than I could have imagined doing this campaign,” said YinTing Wang ’11 ADV, account coordinator for Intuition Advertising.

Students had a semester to plan and execute the campaign. After three months of hard work, they hosted a Chevrolet Block Party, “Where Performance Meets Personality” on April 14. The event, located near the campus Quad, showcased the three Chevy models so students could really experience the cars firsthand. More than 700 U of I students attended the event and engaged with the vehicles. According to their surveys, the campaign successfully increased awareness for the new Chevy models among U of I students by 79%. According to Wang, other indicators of their success included the 30,542 total impressions on their Facebook fan page and an 80% increase in positive impression of Chevrolet.

“This has been a phenomenal experience that involved a lot of hard work, but every moment of difficulty was more than worth it,” said Jen Moss ’14 ADV, department head of reports for Intuition Advertising.

To wrap up the program, the students presented the results of their promotional campaign to Chevrolet representatives in a formal agency-style presentation on May 9. Each participating school competed for performance awards available during selected milestones throughout the term. Chevrolet selected the top two agencies at each milestone and presented an award to each student in those two classes. The two teams with the best overall results at the end of the term will receive netbook computers for each team member.