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Daily Illini Staff Earn Recognition

2/24/2012  8:00 am

Congratulations to the Daily Illini staff on their recent Illinois College Press Association Awards.


Other Cartoon, Strip or Panel

Third place: Dan Dougherty


Classified Section

First place: Hannah Ryan


Graphic Illustration

First place: Michael Zhang


Special Supplement

Third place: Jill Disis, Danny Weilandt, Xixi Tian


Critical Review (other than film)

Third place: Joe Ward


Advertising Campaign

Honorable Mention: Hudson Vantrease, Zach Rodheim, Cassandra Tu


Online News Site

First place: Rosie Power, Matt Petruszak


General Excellence

Second place: The Daily Illini


Front Page Layout

First place: Charles Tan Lim, Danny Weilandt



Third place: Jill Disis


Feature Photo

First place: Joshua Beckman


News Story

Honorable Mention: Hannah Meisel


Feature Page Design

Third place: Danny Weilandt

Honorable Mention: Charlie Tan Lim


Feature Story

Honorable Mention: Jordan Sward


Sports Game Story

First place: Ethan Asofsky


Sports Page Design

First place: Danny Weilandt

Third place: Danny Weilandt


Sports Column

Honorable Mention: Alex Iniguez


Headline Writing

Honorable Mention: Evan Munch


In-Depth Reporting

Third place: Jennifer Wheeler


Spot News Photo

Honorable Mention: Daryl Quitalig


Photo Essay

Honorable Mention: Billy Shi, Joshua Beckman