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UI Student to work at Masters Golf Tournament

3/30/2012  8:00 am

Chloe Pistorius, senior in Broadcast Journalism, will be working at the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament April 5 – 8 in Augusta GA.


Chloe interned for CBS Sports on the PGA Tour as a producer/spotter last summer. Pistorius said, “Each day I was assigned a group of golfers and I was given inside-the-ropes access to walk with their group. I would wear a headset and communicate with the producers. It was my job to tell them the hitting order in the fairways, putting order on the greens, what stroke each player was on, and sometimes clubs on par threes. It was essential that I pay attention because this information was often relayed to the commentators and shown on TV.”


As a golfer in high school, Pistorius has a love for the game and was ecstatic to spend her summer on beautiful golf courses around the country. Her internship started in Texas and included travel all over the east coast culminating at the PGA Championship in Atlanta, GA.


Pistorius stated, “I predict that I will be doing the same thing at the Masters that I did this summer. However at the Masters, spotters do not walk with a group of golfers. Instead there will be a stationary spotter at each fairway and green communicating with the producers. We will be working long days but it is hard to call it work when I get to be in the middle of the action and watch the best golfers in the world compete!”


The Masters Golf Tournament, played at Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia, is one of golf’s four major championships. Only the world’s very BEST golfers are invited to play at the Masters. Chloe will see - and maybe meet - prominent golfers such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and Illinois’ own Steve Stricker, a former UI golfer now among the top money winners on the PGA Tour. The very first Masters was played in 1934, making the 2012 Masters the 78th annual tournament.


Congratulations, Chloe!