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Judson, JOURN 08, making her television acting debut

6/19/2012  2:00 pm

Margaret Judson, JOURN ‘08, is making her television acting debut June 24 in the HBO series “The Newsroom.”   Judson will play the role of an associate newsroom producer named Tess Westin.  “The Newsroom” is a behind-the-scenes look at a nightly cable news program.  It was created by Aaron Sorkin, the creator of “The West Wing” and screenwriter for “The Social Network.”


Judson said her opportunity to act “was really crazy.”   She was a research assistant to Keith Olbermann at MSNBC in New York.  Sorkin came into the office, Judson said, to research for the pilot.  “I showed him the ropes at our cable news operation, Judson said, “and I answered his questions.”  Judson said Sorkin asked her to be a consultant on the show.


As Judson read the script, “I realized there was character named Margaret Jordan.”  Hmmm.  She asked for an audition but Sorkin turned her down.  A few weeks later, Judson said, the casting director called her giving her the chance to audition but warned her not to expect much.  Within a few weeks, Sorkin called her to ask her to play Tess.    She said she hopes for continued acting opportunities.


“I really love the work and it actually reminds me of journalism,” she said.  “There are overlapping storytelling and character analysis elements that drew me to journalism in the first place.” 


Judson, who had started her career in the NBCUniversal page program at Rockefeller Center, has moved from New York to Los Angeles within the last year to be part of the HBO production.