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Students produce TV election coverage

11/7/2012  8:00 am

As part of the JOUR 445 (TV2) class, a team of twenty students produced six 10-minute blocks of live election coverage that ran on UI-7 cable Nov. 6.


A sample of their coverage from the 11pm Election report, anchored by Robert Lowe and Renee Wunderlich is available here.

Special congratulations to the following students: Matt Maniscalco, director; Isabel Morales & Crystal Smith, producers; Tori Bokios, Bianca Flowers, Zach Groth, Betsy Loeb, Jamie Seiwert & Courtney Yuen, reporters; Scott Martin, the technical director and election open creator.


The rest of team included; Rose-Ann Aragon, Alexis Georgiadis, Marty Malone, Hilary Osborne, Larry Walker and Lauren Matthews.

Richmond supervisor Ken Erdey made sure the broadcast looked great. UI-7’s Chris Lukeman made sure it got on air.

Thank you to everyone!


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