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The BBC presents JOURN Prof. Ledford's multimedia work

1/9/2013  8:00 am

Assistant Professor of Journalism Charles “Stretch” Ledford’s multimedia production “Handguns and Humor in the Heartland: A Gun Rights Group’s Unlikely Activism” is part of the BBC’s current coverage of the role of firearms in American culture in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre.  Ledford's story focuses on the Champaign-based pro-gun group “” To the delight of some and the astonishment of others, members of the group erect "Burma Shave" style signs along the highways of central Illinois, introducing their own brand of humor into an important national debate.


During the Fall 2012 semester, Ledford spent hours at the group’s meetings, on local gun ranges and in members’ homes. He also interviewed Petersburg, IL, residents Mary Kay and Eric Mace, whose only child, Ryanne, was killed in the mass shooting at Northern Illinois University on Valentines Day, 2008.


The BBC's presentation of the video can be seen here.


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More of Ledford's work can be seen here.