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ADV 452 completes portfolio review

12/19/2012  8:00 am

Student who want to be a part of Peter Sheldon’s Creative Concepts I class have to work for it; they must complete a competitive project just to be admitted. And at the end of the semester their portfolio of work is critiqued again. This year, that review was at the hands of Pat Burke, VP and creative director at DDB. Burke is familiar with the class. He was one of Sheldon’s first students. 


A number of faculty dropped by to view the student work. Michelle Nelson, acting head of the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising commented, “Peter's students do great work, which is a reflection of a great teacher. He prepares them well for the professional world they are about to enter." 


Burke and Sheldon were both impressed with the student’s efforts. Sheldon remarked on the student’s work, “I’m incredibly proud.”


See photos from the review here.