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College of Media faculty and students participate in SCMS Conference

7/11/2013  8:00 am

The Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) is the leading scholarly organization in the United States dedicated to promoting a broad understanding of film, television, and related media through research and teaching grounded in the contemporary humanities tradition. Several College of Media faculty and students participated in the annual conference in Chicago.


Pink Narcissus, Mildred Pierce, & Kaboom

Queer Media, Then and Now

Arnau Roig-Mora

“Is This How the World Ends?: Gregg Araki and the (New) Queer Cinema in the 21st Century”


“Post-Feminists” and Franchise-able Girls

Angharad Valdivia

“Post-feminism Girl Groups Take a Transnational Tour: Popular Cinema Takes Up the Travel Narrative in an Intersectional World”


Chinese Cinema

Narrative, Culture, and Politics

Chunfeng Lin

“Noise in Chinese Neorealist Cinema: A Temporary Reverse Hierarchy (TRH) Model and Political Statements”


New Directions in Reality TV

James Hay

“Remediating the Citizen Soldier: Reality Television and Everyday Militarization”


Using the User

Hope Labor and Commodity Communities

Mel Stanfill

“Between Commodity and Consent: Implications of the Vanishing Distinction between Play and Work”

Ergin Bulut

“Immaterial Labor along the Pleasure/Pain Axis: Precarious Experience of Video Game Testers”


Economies of Illusion

The Psychic and Material Value of Special and Visual Effects

Julie Turnock

“‘Like Looking Out a Window’: High Frame Rate Filmmaking, History, and Aesthetics”


US Television, Food, and the Body

Chair: Alicia Kozma

Alicia Kozma

“Managing Through Our Mouths: The Food Network as the Production and Management of Taste”


Social Media and Social Issues

Martina Baldwin

“iBully: iCarly’s Hate Discourse”