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Student Account Refunds

SMMC Staff
9/8/2011  10:00 am

Your life as a student is confusing enough... an unexpected or overlooked student account refund can be even more confusing.  Be proactive...  Make that paper (a.k.a. money) LAST! - Watch the YouTube video HERE!

Here is a little info on your Student Account Refund:

The refund you get from University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO) is often what is left over after your financial aid has been applied.  This includes student loans, grants, and scholarships.  Not everyone will receive a refund.  The only time you will get a refund is when you have accepted more aid or taken out more loans than the cost of your tuition and fees.

If you live off campus (not in a dorm), you are more likely to receive a refund, and therefore, in much higher need of making that money last throughout the semester.

Make sure to review your account for any discrepancies.  The student account checklist will assist you in reviewing your account, but you should make sure to review the tuition and fees for your campus that you should expect on your account.  Links to these websites are listed on the Student Account Checklist

In addition to reviewing your account frequently for new charges or adjutments in aid, it is also important to review the financial aid terms and conditions to see what might effect your financial aid now or in the future.  Financial Aid Terms and Conditions can be found here - UIUC, UIC, or UIS.

Make a budget for your expected expenses and track your spending.  Reviewing your bank account frequently and making sure to adjust your budget to match your spending most appropriately is important for understanding where you can cut costs and how long you can make that money last.  You don't have to deny yourself every single want in order to make your money reach all your NEEDS but... you will have to do quite a bit of compromising with yourself.

Feel free to contact the Student Money Management Center at if you have any questions or need assistance creating a budget/spending plan that works for you!

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