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Spring 2013 #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series

SMMC Staff
1/1/2013  8:00 am

Where will you be on Wednesdays at 4 PM? 

SMMC is so excited to continue the #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series where you can join in on fun, relevant, and educational conversations on all things money!

Wait, What's a Tweet Chat? Good question. A tweet chat is a dynamic way to interact and talk with your peers on a predetermined day about a predetermined subject! Think of it as a weekly coffee date with your friends where you can share ideas and ask questions about different money related topics.  

So How Do I Join? Participating is easy! Just follow @ILStudentMoney on Twitter and search for the hashtag #UIMoney on Wednesdays at 4 PM. We (the moderator) will get the Twitter party started with a question related to that week's topic and all you have to do is reply with the hashtag #UIMoney

And, What Are We Talking About? Each week will focus on a different topic related to money and personal finance. Spring 2013 semester's tweet chats are over, but you can check out the current semester's list by going here:  

We hope to see you on Wednesday at 4 for our #UIMoney Tweet Chat. If you have any questions please feel free to tweet us at @ILStudentMoney.  

What Have We Talked About? Past tweet chats have included various topics, but you can always check the resources listed by searching for #UIMoney on tweet chat at any time:

  • New Year, New You (Jan 2): Let's talk New Year's resolutions and financial goals. Share your resolutions and learn some money management tricks along the way! 
  • Budgeting and You (Jan 8): One of the most important skills in managing your money is budgeting.  While this may seem irrelevant right now, it's easier to learn to budget when your finances are simple and build from there!
  • Back to School (Jan 16): Let’s kick off the new semester with a tweet chat about how you can stick to those New Year’s Resolutions and plan for an academically and financially successful spring semester!
  • Protecting Your Identity (Jan 23): According to Javelin Strategy & Research (2012), "Approximately 1.4 million more adults were victimized by identity fraud in 2011, compared to 2010."  Even though the jury is still out on 2012 statistics, we can still talk about ways to reduce identity theft statistics in 2013.
  • D is for Debt (Jan 30):  The dreaded D word...Debt! Well it doesn't have to be. As students, we often take on a lot of debt especially with the rising costs of college. Don't run from debt; let's face it head on together. This #UIMoney Tweet Chat will talk about the basics of debt, tips, and advice on how to start a plan to get out of it.
  • Financial Wellness While Abroad (Feb 6): Whether you are planning on studying abroad or going on vacation it is important for you to spend within your means as well as keep your money safe. Take part in this Wednesday's chat to learn and share your tips on developing a financial plan while you're away!
  • Getting Motivated for Change (Feb 13): Making any kind of behavior can be challenging, especially when it comes to your finances! Join our #UIMoney Tweet Chat to discuss ways to make positive behavioral changes including ways to cut down on spending, increase your savings, and make wise choices to benefit your future. Changing your attitude about money may be hard at first, but the payoff is worth it!
  • Planning for Graduation (Feb 20):  Calling all seniors, this Tweet Chat is for you! Being prepared for what comes after senior year is more than just applying for graduation. Stop on by this chat to help you get your checklist under way (ahem making connections and developing a post-college financial plan) so you are successful for your last year in college as well as post- graduation!
  • Save, Save, Save! (Feb 27):  America Saves Week is a great time for us to take a good look at our savings goals and evaluate the methods in which we save. This #UIMoney Tweet Chat will be centered on how to make and keep a savings goals as well as discuss the different methods of savings and learning how to choose which one is best for you!
  • Saving & Spending over Spring Break (March 6): Spring Break is just around the corner, so before you shell out the big bucks on a vacation let’s chat about how far you can really stretch your dollar! Whether that means taking an alternative spring break, staying home, or spring break with friends it’s important to weigh out the costs and benefits.  Stop by the chat to learn some valuable tips and tricks!
  • Side Hustle (March 13): Want to find ways to diversify your income? This week's #UIMoney tweet chat is all about the side hustle! Learn new ways to make some extra cash, how to budget that extra dough, and chat with your peers about the art of side hustling. 
  • Credit & Debt (March 20): In commemoration of our “Staying on Good Terms: Credit & Debt” webinar, this week’s  #UIMoney tweet chat will be about all things credit! We’re going to break down the different elements of credit including: what it is, how to establish it, how to run a credit report, and the difference between a credit score and a credit report.  Learn from your peers how to stay out of the red and ask those questions you’ve always wanted answered about credit
  • Tax Season (March 27): Tax season is well under way and the deadline is fast approaching (April 15th)! Stop by to get some basic knowledge on the subject and learn some valuable tidbits along the way. Half the battle of tax season is about being prepared!
  • Foolish Money Mistakes & What We've Learned (April 3): We’ve all made money mistakes and learned some valuable lessons from them. This #UIMoney tweet chat is about sharing those lessons learned to help you and your peers from making those same mistakes! Stop by and share your biggest Oops moments AND your biggest accomplishments, we want to hear! 
  • Student Loans: Debunking Myths & More (April 10):  Student loans:  two words infamous for inciting fear and worry! Join this honest discussion to reveal some of the biggest misconceptions and myths surrounding student loans as well as developing a plan to paying them back.  We’ll even be asking you to share your favorite tools to keeping track of your financial aid/student loans.  
  • Save Your Green by Going Green (April 17): This year let’s get an early start on Earth Day celebrations and discuss how we can save some of that dinero by being kind to Mother Earth. There are dozens of ways to reduce our waste which will in turn help us reduce our spending, what could be better?! 
  • Thrifty Living (April 24):  What a perfect topic to discuss during Money Smart Week! In this week’s tweet chat let’s talk and share ways to really live frugal lives and cut down on expenses.  Learning how to save on household bills (e.g. heat and water) and stretching that paycheck will be important things to take control of our financial lives. Also, learn about the different FREE Money Smart Week events that are happening in your area! University of Illinois students that participate will be instructed on how to get their names in a drawing for a campus bookstore voucher! 
  • Preparing for Graduation (May 1): Graduation is fast approaching for many of you so come stop by our #UIMoney tweet chat and talk with us about how you've been preparing for the big day and life after college! Share and learn information on how to navigate your post-college finances to lead you to a successful financial future! One of the biggest keys to success is preparation so stop by our chat and see how your peers have been planing for their future.