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Summer 2013 #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series

SMMC Staff
5/3/2013  8:00 am

Where will you be on Wednesdays at 4 PM? 

SMMC is so excited to continue the #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series where you can join in on fun, relevant, and educational conversations on all things money!


Wait, What's a Tweet Chat? Good question. A tweet chat is a dynamic way to interact and talk with your peers on a predetermined day about a predetermined subject! Think of it as a weekly coffee date with your friends where you can share ideas and ask questions about different money related topics.  

So How Do I Join? Participating is easy! Just follow @ILStudentMoney on Twitter and search for the hashtag #UIMoney on Wednesdays at 4 PM. We (the moderator) will get the Twitter party started with a question related to that week's topic and all you have to do is reply with the hashtag #UIMoney

What Have We Talked About? Past tweet chats have included various topics, but you can always check the resources listed by searching for #UIMoney on twitter at any time: 

  • Figuring out Financial Aid (August 1): Filling out your FAFSA, applying for grants and scholarships, and taking out loans can be a confusing process.  It''s always been SMMC''s goal to offer transparent information and this #UIMoney  tweet chat is no different! Join us Thursday as we navigate the financial aid ropes, unveil some of the confusion, and get your take on the financial aid process!  
  • Budgeting on a Dime (July 24): Life as a college student or even a recent grad can be tough on your wallet. This #UIMoney  tweet chat is all about making due with what you have. Join us to discuss tips on how to live your life out of the red and share tips with your peers on how you budget on a dime!  
  • Return on Investment: What's your degree's ROI? (July 17): Have you ever thought about how valuable your college degree is? Considering the rising costs of higher education and professional school it's in your best interest to invest in something that will get you the highest return. This #UIMoney tweet chat is going to break down the ROI of your degree and shed some light on this increasingly popular topic. 
  • Setting + Achieving Financial Goals (July 10): Whether you’re saving up for spring break or a new car there are a few basic principles to setting and achieving your financial goals.  Join this #UIMoney  tweet chat where we discuss strategies and methods to obtaining your financial goals no matter how big or small they may be.
  • Saving Over Summer (July 3): Summer is in full swing and with the warm weather can come new spending temptations!  This #UIMoney tweet chat will teach you all the ways you can save and earn some extra cash.  Talk with your peers about the different ways you save over summer!
  • Finances as a Twenty-Something (June 26): Whether you’re still in school or fresh out of college, there’s a lot you have to deal with regarding finances.  As your independence grows so can your expenses. Join this #UIMoney tweet chat to talk about managing your funds, staying out of unnecessary debt, and saving for the future.
  • Investing 101 (June 19): Join today''s #UIMoney tweet chat to get familiar with basic investing concepts and learn some of the first steps in becoming a wise investor. Investing may seem intimidating, but we''re here to break it down for you!
  • Understanding Credit (June 12): Credit doesn’t have to be complicated! Stop by this #UIMoney tweet chat to talk all things credit! Learn how to build and manage credit, avoid overspending, and the importance of your credit history.  We’re not only going to be sharing tips and tricks but also fielding any questions you might have as well. 
  • The Basics of Banking (June 5): Banking is the word we use to describe financial transactions.  And, as young adults we do plenty of those! Join this #UIMoney tweet chat to learn about the basics of banking such as how to choose a financial institution, the different types of products and services available, and what questions you should ask your financial institution.  This Is a great tweet chat to get all your questions answered as well as learn how your peers go about choosing their banking options!
  • Identity Theft and Fraud (May 29): According to Javelin Strategy & Research (2012), "Approximately 1.4 million more adults were victimized by identity fraud in 2011, compared to 2010." Even though the jury is still out on 2012 statistics, we can still talk about ways to reduce identity theft in 2013.  Follow @ILStudentMoney and then use #UIMoney to join the discussion.  
  • Understanding Job Benefits (May 22): Many of you may be knee deep in job applications or just starting to think about a career. Either way, learning about the different benefit packages is key to getting the most out of job perks.  Join this #UIMoney tweet chat to learn about all the different benefits available and even how to negotiate for a better salary.  Bring your questions and your knowledge!
  • Savvy Summer Spending (May 15): Summer is upon us and it's time to have a fun AND thrifty summer! Stuck on campus this summer? Well, whether you live in Springfield, Urbana, or Chicago there are tons of FREE activities for you and your friends to do. Stop by our #UIMoney tweet chat to chat with your peers and find out how you can have a great summer without breaking the bank!
  • Entrepreneurship (May 8): Ever thought about starting your own business? Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Well we've got a #UIMoney tweet chat right up your alley! Find out some important information and get some great resources on all things entrepreneurship. Learn what your campus has to offer in order to make your dream a reality!
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