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Spring 2014 #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series

SMMC Staff
1/16/2014  4:00 pm

Where will you be on Thursdays at 4 PM? 

SMMC is so excited to continue the #UIMoney Tweet Chat Series where you can join in on fun, relevant, and educational conversations on all things money!

Wait, What's a Tweet Chat? Good question. A tweet chat is a dynamic way to interact and talk with your peers on a predetermined day about a predetermined subject! Think of it as a weekly coffee date with your friends where you can share ideas and ask questions about different money related topics.  

So How Do I Join? Participating is easy! Just follow @ILStudentMoney on Twitter and search for the hashtag #UIMoney on Thursdays at 4 PM CST. We (the moderator) will get the Twitter party started with a question related to that week's topic and all you have to do is reply with the hashtag #UIMoney

 And, What Are We Talking About? Each week will focus on a different topic related to money and personal finance. Check out this list for the upcoming tweet chats.
  • D is for Debt! (April 17): Paying for college is no easy task and oftentimes we have to use student loans to cover the costs. This #UIMoney tweet chat is about debt and the ways we can avoid it AND tackle it! We'll be talking about student loan debt as well as consumer debt, this is one tweet chat you don't want to miss!
  • Going Green (April 24): With Earth Day having just passed on April 22nd, what better time to talk about going green than now! In this week's #UIMoney tweet chat let's discuss all the different ways to save your green by going green. Reducing your carbon footprint is not only good for the environment, but your wallet as well!
  • Frugal Living (May 1): In this week's #UIMoney tweet chat let's talk and share ways to live frugally and cut down on expenses. Learning how to save on household bills and stretching that paycheck are important tactics in order to take control of our financial lives. Frugal living is all about getting creative to make your buck last!
  • Saving as a Student (May 8): Let's talk about one of the most important financial behaviors, SAVING! We get asked a lot how college students can start saving so this #UIMoney tweet chat is going to cover just that. Join us to discuss all the different ways to save -- whether it be for short-term or long-term goals!

We hope to see you on Thursday at 4 PM CST for our #UIMoney Tweet Chat. If you have any questions please feel free to tweet us at @ILStudentMoney. Tweet ya later!  

What Have We Talked About? Past tweet chats have included various topics, but you can always check the resources listed by searching for #UIMoney on twitter at any time: 

Setting + Achieving Financial Goals (January 16): What better time to talk about goals and resolutions than the New Year! Whether you’re saving up for spring break or a new car there are a few basic principles to setting and achieving your financial goals. Join this #UIMoney tweet chat where we discuss strategies and methods to obtaining your financial goals no matter how big or small they may be.

Figuring out Financial Aid (January 23): Filling out your FAFSA, applying for grants and scholarships, and taking out loans can be a confusing process. It’s always been SMMC''s goal to offer transparent information and this #UIMoney tweet chat is no different! Join us Thursday as we navigate the financial aid ropes, unveil some of the confusion, and get your take on the financial aid process!

Credit 101 (January 30): This week’s #UIMoney tweet chat will be about all things credit! We’re going to break down the basics of credit including: what it is, how to establish it, how to run a credit report, and the difference between a credit score and a credit report.  Learn from your peers how to stay out of the red and ask those questions you've always wanted answered about credit!

Prepping for Valentines Day (February 6): In honor of Valentine’s day just around the corner we’re going to be discussing different ideas for inexpensive, fun date ideas. If you don’t have a Valentine this year, that’s ok, we’re also talking about cheap ways to have fun with friends and family as well! Join this #UIMoney to share and brainstorm thrifty date options!

Love Your Loan (February 13):  Learning to love your loan may seem like a tough concept but it gets a little easier when you begin to understand the different repayment options available. This #UIMoney tweet chat is all about student loan repayment and getting the wheels turning on what option is best for you. Half the battle of student loans is picking a plan that works best for you situation and this tweet chat will help you generate some ideas!

How to Save $$ While Commuting (February 20): Commuting expenses can add a lot to your budget. In this #UIMoney tweetchat we’re going to talk about the different ways to save on your trip to and from campus. So, whether you attend college in an urban sprawl or in a traditional campus there will be helpful information for everyone! 

Basics of Budgeting (Febuary 27): Budgeting is one of if not the most important concepts to money management. Join us for this #UIMoney tweet chat to discuss the different ways to budget, how to create a budget, and most importantly how to stick to it! 

Steps Toward Investing (March 6): Join today''s #UIMoney tweet chat to get familiar with basic investing concepts and learn some of the first steps in becoming a wise investor. Investing may seem intimidating, but we''re here to break it down for you!

Financial Wellness While Travelling (March 13): With Spring Break right around the corner many of you will be travelling! Whether you are going near or far it is important for you to spend within your means as well as keep your money safe. Take part in this #UIMoney chat to learn and share your tips on developing a financial plan while you're away!

Finances as a Twenty-Something (March 20): Whether you’re still in school or fresh out of college, there’s a lot you have to deal with regarding finances. As your independence grows so can your expenses. Join this #UIMoney tweet chat to talk about managing your funds, staying out of unnecessary debt, and saving for the future.

Life as a College Student (March 27): This #UIMoney tweet chat is all about the perks and challenges of being a college student. We'll be talking about the different resources and opportunities unique to students on campus and in the community as well as the financial adjustments you've had to make.

Managing Financial Transitions (April 3):  Setting the stage for your financial future can be a daunting task, particularly if you are dealing with a major life change, like graduating from college. This #UIMoney tweet chat is about setting goals while managing life's transitions, understanding your spending habits, and how to choose a financial professional if you should need one to navigate your changing financial landscape.  

Job Benefits (April 10): Many of you may be knee deep in job applications or just starting to think about a career. Either way, learning about the different benefit packages is key to getting the most out of job perks. Join this #UIMoney tweet chat to learn about all the different benefits available and even how to negotiate for a better salary. Bring your questions and your knowledge!