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Webtools Policy

8/24/2011  8:00 am

Also see Terms of Service (TOS)

The TOS must be read and agreed to before access to the Toolbox is granted. The first time a user logs into the Toolbox the TOS acceptance prompt will be displayed.


All data entered into the Toolbox system is stored permanantly until the owner or administrator deletes it. Web Services does not delete any data. All data is backed up every 30 minutes and a shadow (backup) system is online and available in case of any failure in the production (live) server.


Web Services has several production servers. The database and application servers are managed by CITES while the web server is managed by Web Services. Only Web Services staff has access to the data and everyone must sign non-disclosure forms.

Technical Support

If you experience problems with the Toolbox, contact us Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00, by calling 217-265-9073 or by filling out the contact form. Since Web Services has no dedicated support staff, we have chosen a support model that emphasizes fixing the problem, not supporting it. This sometimes results in slower responses, but ensures that future users will not have the same problem.

Workshops and Training

Web Services offers Toolbox overviews and demonstrations once per month. These events are posted on our training Calendar. Events are added to the Calendar frequently, so check back often. In addition to workshops, Web Services offers private hands-on training on demand to departments and colleges. Call 265-9073 for more information.

Legitimate Toolbox uses

The applications within the Toolbox may only be used for purposes related to the University. Any usage unrelated to the University will result in the forfeiture of Toolbox privileges for that specific user. The Office of Web Services retains the right to determine/identify inappropriate use of the tools. Using the tools for private or commercial use is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact us.