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EUI Awarded Library/IT Grant for 2012/2013

9/28/2012  8:00 am

Based upon the success of our pilot multimedia program, the Library/Student IT Committee has awarded EUI $38,000 for 2012-13!

Beginning in 2011-12, EUI has integrated digital technologies into some EUI affiliated courses, thanks to a startup grant of $68,820 from the Library/Student IT Committee.  In our startup year, EUI awarded 5 instructors across 4 courses an IT Teaching Award, which provided the use of audio and video equipment to support student research, assistance with incorporating technology into syllabi design, and up to 100 hours per course of technological training and support.

Key to our success thus far has been our partnership with CITES Academic Technology Services and Digital Media Group, and the substantial commitment of EUI staff in designing and implementing the infrastructure of our new program, including: pre-semester meetings with faculty for syllabus design; in-class training on equipment use and post-production editing; creation of user best practice guides; back-up data storage plans for each course; equipment loan policies; and a central site for draft student collaborative projects and for final project submittal. The hard work of our inaugural year resulted in an efficient template for future EUI multimedia courses, one that can be of use to other university units interested in fully integrating technology into undergraduate learning environments as well.

We are grateful for the ongoing support, commitment and enthusiasm of the Library/Student IT Committee, CITES Academic Technology Services and Digital Media Group, and EUI affiliated faculty and students. To see some of the student projects produced within last year’s pilot program, please see our digital archive in IDEALS. For more information on our multimedia courses, or to ask about affiliating a course with EUI, please contact Karen Rodriguez’G, EUI Visiting Program Coordinator, at