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Fall 2012 Student Conference Award Winners

12/18/2012  8:00 am

We would like to offer our Congratulations to our Fall 2012 Student Conference award winners and to all those participating students who made the conference such a success! 

EUI awards have been given as follows:

Panel presentation: Deanna Hamblin (Illinois State) for her oral presentation Do You Get What You Pay For?; an Honorable Mention was also awarded to Cecilia Montesdeoca (Illinois State) for Illinois State University's Student Health Agenda.

Multimedia panel presentation:  Jenessa Conner, Sungmin Lee, Maria Nava and Agnes Sohn for their multimedia presentation Crossing the Invisible Line: An International Students Experience Engaging at the American University; and Honorable Mention was also awarded to Dohye Kim, So Jung Kim and Bridget McDonald for their It Doesnt Matter Where I Live: Everyone Has to Follow the Same Thing.

Poster presentation: Cody Jones, Holly Hernandez, Matt Miller and Shareel Hicks for their poster, Steam Distribution: A Study Conducted to Uncover the Student Knowledge of the Sustainability of the Steam Distribution System. 

All award winners receive a $25 gift card to the Illini Union Bookstore ($10 for Honorable Mention); Illinois State University award winners receive a Barnes and Noble gift card. 

The University Library also provides an EUI Poster Award. Congratulations go to Aimee Castillo, Jessica Ramos, Tyler Jusino and Alicia Lee for their poster Recycling Unveiled: The Effectiveness of the Recycling System at the University. Thanks go to the University Library for supporting the poster session with an award of a $25 gift card to Illini Union Bookstore. 

We would like to especially thank Merinda Hensley for her continued support of and work with EUI and the support of the University Library for making the poster sessions possible, the Library/IT Student Fee Committee for their support of our multimedia program (now in its second year!), and our CITES Academic Technologies and Digital Media partners for their ongoing technology and training support.

You can see all the conference videos here. (Please note, videos are available for only those students/panels who granted EUI rights to archive them.)