Swahili News and Announcements

Language, culture and identity in East Africa and the Swahili-speaking world (Ling 199)

12/4/2013  8:00 am

The Swahili program is planning to offer a new Swahili-related course for Spring 2014 entitled 'Language, Culture, and Identity in East Africa and the Swahili-speaking world' (Ling 199, CRN 29534). This class will be taught in English and all readings will be in English. It's scheduled for MW 2-3.20pm in 1134 FLB. The schedule details are here: https://courses.illinois.edu/cisapp/dispatcher/schedule/2014/spring/LING/199 More course details here: http://swahili.linguistics.illinois.edu/courses/documents/SWAH150-Ling199.pdf Contact: kriedel@illinois.edu