Global Studies Spotlight

Clay B.

Transferring to the University in 2014, my main academic goal was to learn Arabic. It was clear to me that Global Studies offered the right environment to tailor my experience to that goal. I really think that the major is one of the most flexible on campus. This is both a great blessing and an important responsibility! I've been able to take courses in so many disciplines: Arabic, development studies, sociology, political science, religious studies, economics, urban planning, and even engineering! This diversity requires the ability to synthesize diverse ways of thinking... an indispensable skill in today's world! The Global Studies program has helped me to achieve an amazing college experience outside of the classroom, as well. In Summer 2015, I spent six weeks in Hungary volunteering at a refugee camp. This experience greatly bolstered and refined my academic knowledge by humanizing the issues we discussed. I then spent Fall 2016 studying abroad in Jordan. To say it was an educational experience would be a gross understatement! Living in the Arab world was immensely beneficial to my language skills, and I also learned so many themes and details in the study of Islam that are typically ignored in American discourse. Through the diversity of topics, accompanying debates and opportunities to experience them in real life, I feel that Global Studies has required me to step up to my own education, and has set me on a track of diverse involvement in global issues.
1/11/2017  8:00 am

Major: Global Studies
Language: Arabic
Thematic Area: Wealth & Poverty
Area Focus: Middle East